Barn Quilt Trail

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Explore Rockford, Ohio’s

Barn Quilt Trail!

Barn Quilts originated in the South. When people couldn’t afford to paint their barns, they would create a pattern much like the quilts on their beds, and use any leftover paint from their house to paint quilts. Even though the name implies that an entire quilt is painted onto the wood, it generally is only a single quilt block.

As part of its Bicentennial Celebration, Rockford has created a one of a kind Barn Quilt Trail. Explore the trail on foot or from the comfort of your car. A Barn Quilt bus tour is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Click on the map below to start exploring!

Thanks to everyone who has joined the Barn Quilt Trail.

  1. Rockford Fire Department
  2. Wellness 365
  3. Rockford Eagles
  4. Terry’s Trim
  5. Henkle’s Insurance
  6. Magic Mirror
  7. His n Hers
  8. Rockford Post Office
  9. Mike Bruns Plbg. HVAC & Electric
  10. Gary Brehm Barber Shop
  11. DJ’s Auto Repair
  12. Rockford Shopperstop
  13. Rockford RoadDog
  14. Barrys’ Family Market
  15. Family Medicine Association
  16. First Financial Bank
  17. Rockford Carnegie Library
  18. Rockford Carry Out
  19. Market Street Mosaic Mural
  20. The Peoples Bank
  21. The Fix / Second Crossing Brew Co.
  22. Tom Myers
  23. Kidz Treehouse
  24. Homes at Ohio’s Edge Realty
  25. Rockford Village Hall & Museum
  26. Shanes Park Community Building
  27. Shanes Park Concession Stand
  28. Shanes Park / Shanes Hall
  29. Brand It Marketing
  30. Chip and Janet Steffy
  1. Tom and Nancy Clouse
  2. Alyxandria Slusher
  3. Frances and Sandy Schaffner
  4. Dave and Charlene Stephenson
  5. Jill Parris
  6. Linda Hart
  7. Barry and Janice Peel
  8. Gary and Ruth Davis
  9. Nancy Leighner
  10. Mike and Linda Henkle
  11. Norm Fleming
  12. Sharon Clouse
  13. Jon Achtomedor
  14. Karen, John and Kay Schumm
  15. Elaine and Jim Geyer
  16. Gloria Fisher
  17. Bob and Carol Berry
  18. Dave and Barb Hileman
  19. Sandra Samples
  20. Larry Stephenson
  21. Keith and Cindy Canary
  22. Kay and Alan Brandt
  23. Kathy Keuneke
  24. Dandelion School House
  25. Nancy Leighner
  26. Bob and Rose Ann Maurer
  27. Chuck and Barb Painter
  28. Barb and Mike Pedroza
  29. Shirley Jarvis
  30. Tim & Vickie Bollenbacher

  1. Beverly and John Hawk
  2. Stober Farms Inc.
  3. Beth and Richard Bricker
  4. Mark and Tina Heitkamp
  5. Schoolhouse Farms 1862
  6. Bryan and Karen Strickler
  7. Don and Susie Miller
  8. Ann Hileman
  9. Mike and Deb Schumm
  10. Lisa Muhlenkamp
  11. Kelly Harner
  12. MVP Dairy LLC
  13. Mike and Janet Riley
  14. Mike and Janet Riley
  15. A & A Greenhouse
  16. Burtch Seed
  17. Rockford American Legion
  18. Roger Sapp
  19. John & Judy Farmer
  20. Dick and Karen Sapp
  21. Matt Burtch
  22. Pete and Twyla Hayes
  23. Norman and Tammy Means
  24. Marge Gehle
  25. Halle Beougher
  26. Mark Heppeard
  27. Carrie Ketchum
  28. Ginny Ricketts
  29. Carol Ricketts