How to Join

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The Rockford Area Development Corporation is extending an opportunity of membership to any business or individual who is willing to take part in pursuing progress in and around the Rockford Community.

The RADC was established in September of 2006
with the following purposes:

How to Join
  1. Attraction of new business to the area
  2. Enhancement of the atmosphere for existing business in the area
  3. Community development in infrastructure, housing and quality of life
  4. Enhancement of employment opportunities
  5. Attraction of new residents

We are seeking individuals who are willing to go past the threshold of problem discovery and pursue viable solutions. Only through active participation in progress can such results be evidenced. Each business and resident is a vital part of community progress. The purpose of the RADC can be fulfilled when individuals come together with a shared vision. Together we can make a difference in tomorrow. The choice is now yours to become part of the solution. We call you to service and hope that you will be inspired to serve your fellow citizens.

The RADC meets the fourth Monday of every month in the basement of the Rockford Carnegie Library. The meetings start at 7:30 pm. If you desire to work with positive people, be challenged, be treated respectfully, learn new knowledge and skills and impact the future of our community, the RADC needs you.

Membership forms and dues can be collected from those wishing to join. Membership is necessary to vote on active issues. We hope you will find time to join us.

RADC Meeting Schedule

The Rockford Area Development Corporation meets the fourth Monday of every month in the basement of the Rockford Carnegie Library. The meetings start at 7:00 pm. Please watch the Photo Star or the Parkway Independent for changes that may come about. Everyone is welcome to attend but only members can vote.

Rockford Area Development Corporation
151 East Columbia Street
PO Box 222
Rockford, Ohio 45882-0282

Get Involved

  • Business Attraction & Retention
  • Finance
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Infrastructure and Community Development
  • Community Concerns