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The Rockford Area Development Corp exists to attract business and industry to the community and enhance the general quality of life for the residents of this area. We will do this by providing opportunity for new business, enhancing the atmosphere for existing business and providing impetus and guidance for development of infrastructure and community development, thus leading to new employment opportunities and attracting new residents to the community.

The Rockford Area Development Corporation has some major accomplishments under its belt


Rockford and surrounding communities enjoy the splash pad constructed at Shanes Park. The RADC splash pad sub-committee raised over $76,000 through donations and fundraisers to make this project happen.

RADC Activities:

  • RADC to hand out free Candy Canes to all driving through Rockford on Saturday, December 21.
  • RADC is sponsoring the Rockford Bicentennial New Year’s Eve Birthday Party Fireworks. December 31, 2019 at midnight.

How to Get Involved

Business Attraction and Retention

  • Target businesses in jeopardy and help find appropriate resources to help preserve and revitalize potentially viable businesses.
  • Utilize materials from this corporation, community leaders, financial institutions, county and state resources in attracting new business.
  • Encourage cooperation between potential and existing businesses


  • Work with tax incentives, grants, matching funds, tax abatements and other business financial resources available form government foundations and etc.
  • Connect business with Wright State Small Business Center and other resources for planning and projection assistance as well as financial aid
  • Work with Mercer County Economic Development Department, OSU Extension Service, and other resources for financial opportunities for business development

Marketing and Public Relations

  • Advertising, promotion, brochures, signage, web site development for the corporation and the community
  • Community image development
  • Work with groups such as Chamber , governments, school and service organizations and special events

Infrastructure and Community Development

  • Industrial, professional and retail development using new and existing structures and areas
  • Zoning and annexation recommendations
  • Streets curbs sidewalks, sewer, water, lighting, signage and maintenance of community and infrastructure

By-laws, Governance, and Membership

  • Stay in touch with local businesses and officials •Retain and recruit members to the RADC

The challenge is to keep the excitement level high and promote all the good things that Rockford has to offer. At one RADC session we started to name those positive-and it was a very long list. We have the pieces of a challenging puzzle in our hands. With the RADC’s help we will try to put them all together and see what a beautiful picture we can create!

RADC Office

Rockford Area Development Corporation
151 East Columbia Street
PO Box 222
Rockford, Ohio 45882-0282

Who is the RADC?

The Rockford Area Development Corporation is a not for profit corporation. Our first official meeting of this group was held September 6, 2006. The goals of RADC are to attract new business to the area, enhance the atmosphere for existing business, development of infrastructure, housing and quality of life, enhance employment opportunities, and attract new residents.

Our membership consists of individuals, government entities, school personnel, organizations and any group or person interested in promoting and growing opportunities in and around the Rockford area. We invite you to become a part of this group of volunteers who are interested in the present and the future of the Rockford area. Please see our membership page for more information on becoming a member.