Rockford Chamber of Commerce

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Rockford Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission

The Rockford Chamber of Commerce, Inc., exists to bring together business, government, and civic interests to enhance the economic and social environment of the Rockford, Ohio, area. The Rockford Chamber is to be an advocate of as well as a means for business improvement and economic growth while at the same time providing benefits to its members and to the community at large.

Welcome Rockford’s Newest Businesses!

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The Rockford Chamber of Commerce serves the area as a non-profit professional organization.

We can be reached by calling
419-363-3032, ext 1.  

Quick Facts

  • We are a volunteer Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Rockford Chamber of Commerce was started in 1973.

2022 Officers

President: Marie Miller, Marketing Junkie

Vice President:

Treasurer: Amanda Peel, Central Insurance

Secretary: Lisa Kuhn, Village of Rockford

Board Member: Tom Burtch, Rockford Carry Out

Board Member: Shelley Muhlenkamp, Rockford Library Director

Board Member: Vaugh Davis, SchoolHouse Farms 1862

Board Member: Amber Subler, US Bank