Income Tax Forms

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Income Taxes

General Filling Information

The Village of Rockford has a mandatory filing requirement that all residents (including individuals who have attained the age of 18 during any part of the tax year) to file a Village of Rockford Income Tax Return every year. If you are permanently disabled or recently retired, please contact the village tax office for your filing requirements. Self-employed individuals and businesses conducting sales/services within the corporation limits of Rockford must also file a village tax return.

Tax Forms are available at the village tax office, 151 E Columbia St., or you can download the forms here at Generic tax forms are considered acceptable forms.

*Please note: the Village of Rockford does not accept E-Filed returns. All forms must be mailed or hand delivered to the village office. If a Federal Extension is granted, a copy of this extension must be filed with the Village of Rockford Tax Department by the April 15th filing deadline (or the appropriate deadline for all Fiscal Year businesses)

Published Interest Rates

2023 Interest Rate = 10%

The interest rate is calculated using the federal short-term rate rounded to the nearest whole percent plus five percent and is published by October 31st of each year for the calendar year following when the federal short-term rate is determined.
(Source: ORC 718.27)