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Rockford’s Bicentennial Celebration hailed as success

The Rockford 200th birthday party celebration was a fire-cracker of a success on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2019 at the community building in Rockford. The kick-off event to the 2020 year-long birthday celebration, was attended by 335 attendees, according to Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Connie Sell, who helped organize the event. Entertainment for the…
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Bicentennial Fundraising Information

You are invited to be a special part of our 200th birthday celebration of our Rockford Community.  Rockford, originally founded as Shanesville in 1820, is the oldest village in Mercer County. Rockford was the first town in the county to have a power plant, street lights and an airport.  It is located in the rich agricultural area of…
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