Meeting Minutes: April 28, 2014

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Meeting Minutes: April 28, 2014

Bryan called the meeting to order.

Quorum is met with Tom Rogers, Jeff Long, Bryan Sutton, Nancy Leighner, Greg Puthoff and Tammy Cheek.

Several general members were present with Betsey Gamble as our guest speaker.

Bryan read the March meeting minutes, motion to approve Nancy, Greg 2nd, all approved.

Betsey Gamble Presentation – 3 Year Anniversary This Week, Social Media, New Customers From Elida, Shipping Hundreds Of Orders Per Week, Updating Front Of Building And Roof This Year. Suggested Billboard By Motor Inn, T102 Is Effective. Asked about trash can advertising, (We have at the park), or something to notice the businesses in Rockford. Get Rockford prepared for people to notice.

Jeff – next meeting will have the economic development and “Lean Ohio”. Get the downtown businesses the info to attend the next meeting. The town has option of business banners but it did not go over as expected. The chamber bought banners but could be larger.

Bryan – let all the business know about getting the businesses together.

Jeff – Rockford had the opportunity to revitalize building fronts but no one took it. Rockford will try the revitalizing again. 50% match. Advertising at the park would be good with current outside traffic at the park. Entrepreneur training was suggested.

Twyla – The chamber is a good way to unite the businesses. Younger business owners now would possibly like to make improvements. Van Wert and Celina have the same issues with getting businesses together. Years ago, a farmer’s market was started but didn’t last.

One spark – people would set up tents in Jacksonville and sell ideas or causes, business cards, musicians, accomplish their dream, to encourage entrepreneurs. A crowd funded festival but large amounts of money were available. Also an incubator business for new businesses to get started. Classes to write a business plan, finance a business and more.

Farmer’s market – Bryan get a plan of action. Betsey have each business invite 2 people to set up tables in front of the business. Tom…need parking if in town. Get the word out for vendors to come.

Tom – utilize the old pharmacy building. Jeff asking VW county hospital to lease the building to bring a pharmacy back in.

Bryan-no treasurer report, 4 new memberships for this month. Bill for website to Dr. Sell.

Nancy Corps of engineers are working on the Blanchard River. Nancy approached the government to improve the river.

Need a $50 check to Todd Mathewson for carry out Tom motioned.

Meet May 19th. Village council economic development , Gene Steiner, John Dooley and Steve Gehle.

Bryan motioned to adjourn ,Twyla 2nd all approved.

Secretary, Tammy Cheek