Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2009

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Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2009


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.

Invocation was given by Gene Steiner Pledge of Allegiance

Those present: Gehle, Steiner, McKee, Searight, Pontsler,
Rutledge – late. Also attending: Jeff Long, Chief May, Tom Beahrs.

Motion Searight. Second Gehle to accept Agenda as Orders of the Day. McKee called for the question. Searight = y, Gehle = y, McKee = y, Steiner = y, Pontsler = y. Passed 5 yes.

Motion: Steiner. Second Pontsler to accept the minutes from the
July 7, 2009 as submitted by the Fiscal Officer. Searight called for the question. Steiner = y, Pontsler = y, Searight = y, Gehle = y, McKee = y.
Passed 5 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:

Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long

1. Water Treatment Plant

a) Resolution # 12-09 Awards water Treatment Plant construction project to Mosser construction for the amount of $1,465,000

Motion: McKee. Second Pontsler to approve Resolution #12-09. Searight called for the question. McKee = y,Pontsler=y, Searight = y, Gehle = y, Steiner = y. Passed 5 yes.

b) Resolution # 13-09 Awards Water Meter Reading System Project to Tom’s Construction for the amount of $278,748.00.


Motion: Gehle. Second Pontsler to approve Resolution #13-09. McKee called for the question. Gehle = y,Pontsler = y,
McKee = y, Steiner = y, Searight = y. Passed 5 yes.

2. South Main Street Reconstruction Project

  1. a)  Time Warner and Embarq should finish relocating utilities this week. DP&L can then move the remaining power poles and Shinn Brothers can finish the concrete work that is left.
  2. b)  Mitch Scott is installing concrete walk for the school at this time. This continues our project onto school property and will give sidewalk access all the way to the school.
  3. c)  Shinn Brothers are installing the light bases. Expected delivery of the street lights is August 14.
  4. d)  Two Rockford residents opted to pay for underground electric service and we provided the ditching for them

3. Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

  1. a)  Fanning/Howey has began a preliminary Engineering

    Report to develop and present a cost effective plan for the improvement of a treatment facility to satisfy the immediate needs of the Village of Rockford, as well as to define and analyze the long-term requirements of a reasonable Service area for development through the year 2029.

  2. b)  The tentative project schedule is as follows:
    1. Preliminary engineering study completed by November 2009.
    2. Preliminary design completed by April 2010.
    3. Final Engineering Design completed by November 2010.
    4. OEPA approval by April 2011.
    5. Advertise for construction Bid December 2011.
    6. Construction completed by September 2012.

4. West Market Street

  1. a)  Fanning/Howey and myself have discussed the improvements to West Market Street.
  2. b)  Fanning/Howey has done the initial measurements of proposed project. Project estimate is being developed.
  3. c)  In August we will submit an application to the Ohio Public Works Commission for funding of project.
  4. d)  In the meantime the plan is to patch the street to get through until construction. I am getting estimate on different approaches to do this. The best solution is to have a layer of asphalt applied on the south lane of the street. I am looking at ways to get this done which we can afford. Another way is for us to patch areas. We will do this prior to fall one way or another.

5. Street repair

  1. We have put together a list of all repairs that need to be done to the streets.
  2. There is 1043 square feet of patch work to be done.(THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE W Market) These will be done with hot mix. We will need to rent a roller to do this work.
  3. There are 20 potholes to be filled. We are looking at cold mix to do this. The reasoning is hot mix may cool down before we can get to all areas.
  4. We have completed the repair to Holly Lane where a new sewer line was installed. This was done with concrete.
  5. Plans are to complete this work in the month of August.

5. Front Street

  1. Paint has been ordered to do the requested painting on Front Street.
  2. During the construction of the new storm sewer through the park it is planned to widen the entrance to the east parking lot at the park

Other items:

State will be marking for handicap accessible areas on Main St. and will be doing the work in August. No cost to us.

Do we need any water restrictions? Not at this time.

Entrance to J & B Trucking – need traffic to slow down. Paul to check if we can post a Truck Entrance sign and possible 25 mph sign.

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee: Todd McKee

Motion Steiner Second Gehle to pay the bills in the amount of
$12,373.15 as submitted by the Fiscal Officer. Pontsler called for the question. Steiner = y, Gehle = y, Pontsler = y, McKee = y, Searight = y, Rutledge = y. Passed 6 yes.

Report on Finance Committee Meeting: July 12, 2009

Those present: Members Todd McKee, Gene Steiner, and Ron Searight. Also present were Greg Pontsler and Jeff Long

Discussion Items

  1. Reviewed the Cash Summary by Funds Report. It was noted that the income tax revenue for June 2009 was actually higher than June 2008. The general fund balance is $38,000 less than the start of the year. We are financially where we expected to be due to the economic turndown. At this time there is no need for action but will continue to meet monthly for review of finances.
  2. The income tax ordinance was discussed. Clarification is needed for people who do not work in Rockford or reside in Rockford, but make their living from a business in Rockford. The committee feels they should be liable for taxes. If the ordinance does not state this with enough specification then it needs to be change. Chair person McKee is to get with our solicitor on this matter.
  3. Discussion was held on the forming of a joint park district for the development of a community swimming pool. Chair person McKee is to address this with the solicitor.

Service Committee: Steve Gehle

Safety Committee: Kathy Rutledge

Need to review the Stop Sign Ordinance. Several stop signs are no longer needed. One on First Street and the other behind Landmark.

Economic Development Committee: Eugene Steiner

RADC meeting was held on July 16th. Working on development of a Joint District for Pool. Working with businesses for a weekly drawing and highlight a business once a month. The RADC will be funding the weekly drawing for the first year. Have approved a letter to go to fast food franchises and some other businesses to see if there would be interest in locating in Rockford.


Public Utilities Committee: Greg Pontsler

Review of Public Utilities Meeting: July 12, 2009

Those present: Members Greg Pontsler and Ron Searight. Also present Gene Steiner, Mayor Joseph and Jeff Long

Meeting called to order by chairman Pontsler. Discussion

  1. Fanning/Howey are completing a study of our wastewater treatment needs. They are to keep the needs of the Fremont Company in mind without subsidy from the residents of Rockford.
  2. Discussion was held on the water treatment plant project. Jeff believes he will bring resolutions to award contracts to the next council meeting.

Rules Committee: Ron Searight

Review of Rules Committee Meeting: July 12, 2009

Those present: Members Ron Searight, Gene Steiner, Greg Pontsler. Also present Mayor Joseph, and Jeff Long.

Discussion items:

  1. The Rules Committee concurs with the Finance Committee on the income tax issue.
  2. The committee recommends the employee policy manual be updated so the employee residency requirements are in compliance with the laws of the State of Ohio.
  3. Jeff to look at setting a time that residents may drop off brush at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Saturdays. The gate would be open for a restricted time.

Old Business

New Business:

Chief May to review the Junk Vehicle & Weed Ordinances. May need some updates.


Meeting adjourned 8:22 pm.