Meeting Minutes: June 20, 2017

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Meeting Minutes: June 20, 2017

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.


Invocation by Jeff Long


Pledge of Allegiance


Those present: Gehle, Rutledge, Fox,  Pontsler, Now

Heitkamp absent.



Also attending: Jeff Long, Srgt Stetler, Tom Stankard of the Daily Standard.


Motion Fox Second Gehle  to accept the agenda as orders of the day. Pontsler called for the question.  Fox = y, Gehle = y, Pontsler = y, Rutledge = y, Now = y.  Passed 5 yes.


Motion Gehle Second Pontsler to accept the minutes from the

June 6, 2017 council meetings as presented.  Fox called for the question.  Gehle = y, Pontsler = y, Fox = y, Rutledge = y, Now = y.  Passed 5 yes.


Visitors to Address Council:


Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:


Mayor Joseph –  noted receipt and review of Mayors Court pay in,

bank reconciliation, and bank statement .


Mayor Joseph reported on attending the Lots for Soldiers Home Dedication that was held last Sunday. Very nice young family.   The ceremony was very good.

Congratulations !



Community Announcements and events:


Parkway Ministerial sponsoring – Summer Lunch in the Parks – Rockford and Mendon – beginning Wednesday June 14th and each consecutive Wednesdays through August 16th.   Summer lunches provided by servants from various churches and held rain or shine. This is NOT a babysitting service.


June 24th – Value Life – Benefit Ride – Addiction Rehabilitation Resources fundraiser. Shanes Park – Registration begins at 11 am – First bike out at noon.   Live music, guest speakers – Family Friendly with something for everyone.



Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long


The Rockford American Legion is working on attaining and Army Asset to be displayed at Hedges Park that will go along with our development of a Veterans Memorial. Since the land is owned by the Village, we will need a motion to approve this process.


Motion Fox, Second Pontsler. Gehle called for the question.  Fox = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Rutledge = y, Now = y.  Passed 5 yes.


Gehle and Fox both volunteered to help with this project.


Randy Thompson of TWT Farms is wanting to purchase .834 acres of land from the Aglers to join both sides of their property into one section. Since the land is land locked and in the Village – the Village needs to give permission for the sale and transfer.


Motion Gehle. Second Now.  Fox called for the question.  Gehle =  y, Now = y, Fox = y, Rutledge = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 5 yes.


The WWTP grant paperwork is finished and will be submitted in the next week or so.


Columbia Street – should start paving next week.


Fox asked about ally work this summer.


New playground equipment has been installed. Have received compliments and the kids are having fun.




Committee Reports


Finance Committee – Steve Gehle


Motion Rutledge to pay bills as submitted in the amount of $163,978.37.  Second Now. Gehle called for the question.  Rutledge = y, Now =  y, Gehle = y, Fox = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 5 yes.


Motion Rutledge. Second Pontsler to accept the Mayors Court pay in of $1,246.00.  Fox called for the question.  Rutledge = y, Fox = y, Gehle = y, Now = y.  Passed 5 yes.


Budget meeting was held before council meeting.   Approve the information for the county auditor.


* July 4th – Holiday – no meeting. Next meeting will be July 18th.


Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler


Motion Gehle. Second Fox  to approved the Tri County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Mental Health Services Board serving Van Wert, Mercer and Paulding Counties.

Transportation of Unstable citizens. Now called for the question.  Gehle = y, Fox = y, Now = y, Rutledge = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 5 yes.



Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp – absent


Economic Development Committee: Rob Rutledge





1st reading – 06/06/17

2nd reading – 06/20/17



Public Utilities Committee:   Wilbur Fox


Rules Committee:      Brad Now  



Old Business

Village residents – We have 4 council seats on the ballot in November. If you would like to run for a seat.  Information needs to be submitted to the Board of Elections by August 9th at 4 pm.



New Business

* Dell server quote for Mayors Court and Police Department – any questions?


* Police Department – New patches beginning Jan 2018 – any questions?

Meeting ended 7:54 pm




* Questions about limb pick up services around town. Seasonal, all year, as needed ?? – Jeff to make some formalized rules for council to review.  Gehle suggested a limb drop off at the back near the grass clipping area.  Residents that hire a tree service to cut down trees need to have the tree service clean up and remove the debris.


Whatever the rules are we need to be consistent. “Stick with it” !



____________________________                _____________________________

Mayor                                                              Fiscal Officer



Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.