Meeting Minutes: May 4, 2021

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Meeting Minutes: May 4, 2021


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph, Tuesday, May 4, 2021

at 7:30 pm also on Facebook live.

Invocation –    The Lord’s Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

Those present:   Yoder, Young, Stephenson, Pontsler, Now, Heitkamp

Also attending:   Chief May, Sandy Schaffner, Marlene Roebuck and Marge Gehle.

Motion Young.  Second Yoder to accept the agenda as orders of the day.

Stephenson called for the question.   Young = y, Yoder = y, Stephenson = y, Pontsler,  Now = y Heitkamp = y. Passed 6 yes.

Motion Stephenson.  Second Heitkamp to accept the minutes from the April 20, 2021 council meeting as presented.  Now called for the question.

Stephenson = y, Heitkamp = y, Now = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

Park Board –presents Marlene Roebuck with Thanks and appreciation –

Congrats to Marlene Roebuck on your retirement from Shanes Park Board. Thank you so much for all your dedication and time spent on helping to develop our beautiful Shanes Park into what it is today! Your great efforts will be enjoyed by many for several years to come!!

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence: 

With Marlene’s retirement and a couple others that have stepped down – we have openings on the Shanes Park Board  – if interested in serving on this committee – please contact the Village Office.  Meetings are normally the 2nd Thursdays of each month at 7 pm.

SpringFest – a success !    Was a beautiful day — Thanks to all who supported the event / participated in events and those who helped plan the event – Rockford Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street Committee.    Our community ROCKS !

Next up Rockford Community Days / Bicentennial Celebration

Adding another day of activities — Thursday June 17 – Saturday June 19th.  Check out event information on the Facebook page – “Rockford Community Days”

Community Announcements and events:

Tuesday – May 11th – brush pick up

Wednesday and Thursday –May 12 / 13  Village Offices – limited hours – on site training.    Please call ahead.

Sunday – May 23rd – Parkway Graduation – Congrats Class of 2021.

Monday – May 31st –Veterans Memorial Dedication Ceremony /

                                                Memorial Day Remembrance

Thursday / Friday / Saturday – June 17,18 & 19 –   Rockford Community Days / Bicentennial Celebration    —

POW/MIA OHIO Wall will be on display during Rockford Community Days  · Thursday – June 17 at 4 PM — one day only event.

Celebrate our Bicentennial with Music, Food, Fireworks, Car Show, Tractor Show, Parade, Rides, Games, Fellowship and much, much more!

This event is planned by combined organizations for the Benefit of Shanes Park improvements.  Proceeds this year will benefit the pickle ball courts project.

Village Administrator’s Report – Aaron Temple

At the finance committee meeting last week we discussed the need for additional help this summer.  We had talked previously in going in another direction with hiring of a mowing company instead of part time help.   We received bids and the committee approved KBS Mowing in the amount of $400 per week.  

Motion Stephenson, Second Pontsler.  Heitkamp called for the question.  Stephenson = y, Pontsler = y, Heitkamp = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Now = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Young to do a supplemental to line item 1000-320-420 in the amount of $11,000 to pay for the mowing service.  Second Heitkamp.  Stephenson called for the question.   Young = y, Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y .  Passed 6 yes.

Met with Palmer Energy this afternoon our contract for electric aggregation is coming up in August 2021.   They have shopped around and our rates are coming in slightly lower.  If residents are already on the aggregation program they will automatically be transferred in the new contract program.  The new rates would take effect August 2021 and go through May 2024.      This is for residents and small business. 

We are making every effort to get all the new meters installed by our training session next week.  

The Village will be flushing hydrants late spring / summer.   We have purchased a hydrant valve exercise tool and will be inspecting each hydrant.  The tool cost $4800 and arrived on Monday.       We will give notice for the hydrant flushing dates when they have been determined. 

So that people are aware – the Terry’s Trim building has been purchased by the Rockford Eagles.  The building has received several violations with building codes and will be demoed in the next week or so.   

Committee Reports

Finance Committee –  Shane Young  –

Motion Pontsler – to pay bills as submitted  – $ 13,732.06.  Second Stephenson.    

Heitkamp called for the question.   Pontsler = y , Stephenson = y, Heitkamp = y, Yoder = y , Young = y, Now = y .  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Stephenson to approve the monthly financial reports.  Second Pontsler.  Now called for the question.   Stephenson = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Cash Summary by Fund, Appropriations report, Revenue Report,

Budget vs Actual activity report, Bank reconciliation and comparison report for the water, sewer, and income tax.

Motion Stephenson to approve supplemental appropriations to date. Second Heitkamp.  Now called for the question.  Stephenson = y, Heitkamp = y, Now = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Yoder to approve additional purchase orders.  Second Heitkamp.  Stephenson called for the question.  Yoder = y, Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y.  Passed 6 yes. 

Finance Committee meeting was held on April 27th at 1 pm – Discussed the following – summer mowing, Brice from Access was here to discuss the business park options and layout options.   The next step is to meet with TWT Farms and review options and steps to move forward.    Will schedule meeting at Access facilities in June.

•           Work in progress — petition to court on fund balance transfers.

•           Budget –  – to auditor July 15th.

  • Exit audit meeting tomorrow at 2 pm – not open to the public as audit results confidential until the State releases the audit.

Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler  –

A Resolution will be done in August to put unpaid 2020 & 2021 mowing fees as assessments on the property tax bills.   We sent out 3 invoices this week.

We can only report to the auditor once per year.

Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp –  (Mr. President) – 

Paul and Stet sending out junk / rubbish notices.  2 cleaned up so far.  4 more notices to be mailed this week.

Economic Development Committee:  Brad Now –

Shanes Crossing Subdivision – Lots for sale – 20% discount/ build through – December 2021.    If interested contact Tammy Cheek at Homes at Ohio’s Edge Realty. 

Station – going good – will be working on fall sports later this summer.

Public Utilities Committee:   Luke Stephenson –   

Water meter software and meter reading training – May 12 and 13th.  

Work in progress – Resolution for  Water Tower Fund – was started last year and was put on hold.    Will work with Judy.

Rules Committee:    Jessica Yoder –

Notice that all permits to sell alcoholic beverages in the village will expire on July 1, 2021.   In order to maintain permit privileges, every permit holder must file a renewal application.   Any objections to any permits ?  If no objections, we do not need to take any actions. 

Zoning Report –   Fences

A.        Fences constructed within a rear yard shall not be higher than 72 inches and a side yard shall not be higher than 72 inches.  All fences are considered an accessory structure with the exception of setbacks.  Fence setbacks shall be 1 foot unless the permit is accompanied by a letter from adjoining property owners agreeing to allow the fence to be placed on the agreed property line.

B.        No fence, wall or hedge shall rise over 48 inches in height on any required front yard except on order lots where it shall not rise over 36 inches.  No fence, wall, or hedge planning shall interfere with visibility from a driveway or public right-of way.  The Village Administrator is hereby empowered to cause all obstructions to be removed in the interest of public safety.

C.        All support structures shall face to the inside.

D.        It shall be the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that all fences shall be erected within the property.

E.         All fence installation or modification requires a zoning permit –

Residential $5 and Commercial $10.

  • Fences that are already in place do not need to be moved.

Old Business:

New Business:           

4 Council seats will be on the November ballot.   The deadline for petition at the Board of Elections is August 4th at 4 pm.

Meeting adjourned at   8:05  pm

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Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer.