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The Rockford Ohio Chamber of Commerce exists to support our area members in their business growth.  As an organization, our board has elected to discontinue the annual Chamber Banquet and replace with a program that would best support our growing business community. While this was a response due to the Covid epidemic, the feedback has been incredible. We know our impact can be better felt through direct support.

The Board would like to extend an invitation to all community members for donations in $20 increments to support our grant initiative. Instead of buying a ticket to our banquet, you can directly affect the success of our area business community.  If you or your business can donate more than the ticket price of $20 per person, know you are not limited to $20.00. We greatly appreciate your generosity and are humbled by your participation.

As the year has gone by, we are developing additional events and programs that will help us in different areas. The Chamber Board has earmarked Fall Fest proceeds towards the grant initiative so more funds will be reinvested in the community.

Help us help our local Chamber members continue to flourish and succeed. Your donations will greatly impact our community as they navigate the unsteady waters over the last year.  We value you for being a member of the Rockford Ohio Chamber of Commerce and appreciate your willingness to help us support our local community and organizations.   Please feel free to reach out with questions.

Rockford Ohio Chamber of Commerce President

To make a donation, you can use the first page of the form below, print and mail to Village of Rockford c/o Chamber Grant Program, 151 E. Columbia St, Rockford, OH 45882.