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January 19, 2015


Present was Norm VanTilburg, Dee VanTilburg, Roy Thompson, Mona Thompson, Twyla Hayes, Marie Miller, Mike Schumm,  Barb Pedroza, Greg Pontsler, Marty Lentz, Lowell Beougher, Curt Beougher, Beougher and Jeff Long.

Norm led the meeting and reviewed the October 20, 2015 meeting.

Twyla reported the RADC would be involved in the mural. Marie had information on the prepping of wall to allow the painting. Bryan Sutton and the RADC would do the prep work which consist of power washing and after sufficient drying apply a concrete sealer, a primer coat, and a finish coat. There was talk of murals in Union City, Kalida, Ottawa, and Delphos. Jeff is to get the size of the building and get info to Twyla to pass on to the artist. The artist would get a feel of the history of the community from us and present ideas as to what the mural should contain.  The name of the artist is Mike McKeevers and would be able to attend our next meeting to go over the process and develop a cost. It was agreed and Twyla accepted to be the Chairman of the mural project as she is most knowledgeable about the concept. It was discussed that the artist would talk with Ed Kuhn, Parkway art instructor, on ways to get his students involved. Jeff to contact the Fire Department for verification that the fire house wall could be used for mural and commitment on definite amount of years the mural could be there. Another possibility for the mural could be Dave Salway’s building.

Previously we had discussed a year round celebration with varying events. Norm asked for event ideas from those present and the following were mentioned.

Creating the world’s largest birthday cake
New Years Party at the community building making it a Grand Ball, selling set amount of tickets to kick the celebration off
Throwback baseball game highlighting the baseball history of the Village
Celebration of the oldest man/woman of the community
A play or program on the history of Rockford, possibly done by the Lion’s club as they do a successful variety show yearly
Have school kids and community people write essays on what Rockford means to them that could be read on the radio
A statue tour in the Village, Roy is looking into this
A Grand Parade
Movie nights, maybe a month of them. Show movies and possibly movies people have taken over the years
Stories of how life was, how sweet the community was in the different decades and how you can develop into it, such as neighborhood watch etc. Positive things injected
What is not here anymore memorabilia of it’s interesting historical value
A time capsule
History of industry in Rockford
Veterans Memorial with a special Memorial Day Celebration
History- former businesses at present locations. Historical tours
Vintage car show
Childrens book on the history
Decided that Mike Schumm and Jeff Long will be Co-chairman the people present be on the executive committee.

Need to obtain seed money