Chamber News – July 2021

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Chamber News – July 2021

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June minutes posted online. 

Financial report (Amanda)

Received reimbursement from Alspach Gearhart.

2021 Theme WE WILL ROCKFORD – t-shirt sales  – pending information from Jessica on amount earned. Need to develop more structured plan with expectations and time frames should we do this again.

Leadership in action —  Amber Subler will be representing the Chamber.   SpringFest proceeds to cover the scholarship.     Amber will need to fill out the application get it back to the Celina Chamber.   The Leadership in Action begins in September with a luncheon and then meets 1 time per month with a different theme for the day.    A really good program !

Old Business

  • Winner of the Lyric Contest –  prizes awarded  – Marie has contacted those winners with gift certificate information.
  • No summer event – will share sunflower festival event.   RCO will be involved with the festival also.   Good to have chamber members working together !
  • Tentative date for the FallFest – October 30th along with Trick or Treat  – need to start planning

What do we want this FallFest to look like and time frame.   August we will put together a message to Chamber members — Save the date / start planning / contacting the Chamber with participation ideas and sign ups.   Should have a good idea for the September meeting of what is going on to start promotions beginning of October.

  • Need to invite Anthem to give a presentation —  September meeting ?

Will record and post to Facebook to meet requirement.  Will call NOACC and make sure this meets our obligation for the Sponsorship Program.

  • Need to have a print ad that also promotes Anthem — can use the same as last year with updated dates.   Publish November.

New Business

After some discussion the Board is in agreement that the funds that were previously used for the Chamber Banquet would be better spent continuing the Membership Grant program that began last year.    We will update the form and be getting the information to members.    The Grant will allow us to give back to a member and help them in their goals for the future.   This is reinvestment in our members and offering support to those that might need a little financial boost or have an idea that they can’t achieve without support.   We are looking forward to reviewing the applications and reviewing ideas!

Along with this discussion it was agreed that the Spring Fest Funds would support the Leadership in Action scholarship and the Fall Fest proceeds would support the membership grant. 

This gives clear understand to members and community of what we are doing and how the funds will be used. 

As a small volunteer chamber it was also decided that we don’t have enough time and volunteers for 4 seasonal events per year.   We will continue with the Spring Fest and the Fall Fest.   Schoolhouse Farms and Community Days events are in the Summer and we will promote those events during that time. 

We will continue with an ad to promote Small Business Saturday as the kick of to the Christmas Season in Rockford.   Businesses that will be having an event or promotion will need to contact us at the end of October so we have time to design an ad and get promotions going throughout November. 

October –  Citizen of the Year / Business of the Year / Grant Awards and Business recognitions – we will still be celebrating these achievements.  Perhaps at the FallFest ?     The last 3 businesses and last 3 citizens of the year will need to start meeting and making decisions on the next awards.

November / December – Membership Drive 2022 – Anthem print ad.  Update forms.   Deadline will be January 15, 2022.   The board agreed that the dues would remain the same as last year – no increase for 2022.

In other discussions regarding leadership for year 2022 —  Marie would like to develop a structure of rotating positions for fresh ideas, and to not fatigue volunteers.   Suggestions include roles: President, Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Board Members, Immediate Past President. Each role would be responsible for growth and improvement of the Chamber in specific and well-defined areas. It was decided that once this is determined, this will roll out to Chamber Members for opportunities to join the board.   Follow up communication will be made to encourage involvement.  We have made progress over the last several years – we need it to continue.   We can’t keep asking the same people to volunteer indefinitely.  Amanda will continue as Treasurer and Lisa will continue as Secretary.     We NEED MEMBERS to volunteer – AND GET INVOLVED. August – we define roles and responsibilities and expectations.  September – we roll out to members. October we make phone calls and follow ups to interested parties.  New positions to be in place before the 2022 Calendar year.

Future member communications – Monthly newsletters with opportunities and calendar of events. Information housed on the website. Time sensitive opportunities will be communicated in the moment.  The idea was that we need to have a specific monthly communication — like a short newsletter with upcoming chamber information.