Meeting Minutes: April 12, 2018

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Meeting Minutes: April 12, 2018

April 12, 2018


The meeting began at 8 am with 6 members present.


Welcome to new member – Luke Stephenson – new business owner of The Fix – Functional Massage Therapy located at 142 N Main St.


Financial report – General fund balance $4646. We have no fundraisers scheduled so the only income for this year is the membership fees.   Donated $25 to the Community Days Car Show and donated $75 towards the Community Days event.

Need some fundraiser ideas that doesn’t take a lot of manpower because we don’t have the volunteers needed to do something big.


New Business The Fix – we will be scheduling a ribbon cutting along with his grand opening. 1 year free membership to the Chamber and a $50 ad in the photo star.

Congratulations on your new business !


The next Chamber meeting will be held on May 10th.   We have heard of another new business coming to Rockford so we will try to contact the owner to see if they are interest in coming to the May meeting to let us know what they are doing.


Discussion on what to do with Chamber scholarship.  We will continue it this year for $500 instead of $600. We can’t attend the interviews but will have Parkway set aside several applications we can review on May 20th at 8:30 am.   Discussion on funding the scholarship.   Maybe provide a game or signage at Community Days.   Several ideas to consider.   Bring back more details to the May meeting for decision.


Mary to get a convertible for Barb Pedroza – 2017 Citizen of the Year for

Community Days parade.


Need nominations for 2018 Citizen of the Year and 2018 Business of the Year.

Discussed some ideas for the Chamber banquet.   May be making some major changes.   Will discuss at next meeting.


Meeting adjourned – 9 am.