Meeting Minutes: April 16 ,2019

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Meeting Minutes: April 16 ,2019

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:


Council called to order by Mayor Joseph on

Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.


Invocation – Jeff Long


Pledge of Allegiance


Those present: Gehle, Young, Pontsler, Now, Heitkamp

Fox absent

Also attending: Tom Stankard – Daily Standard, Srgt. Stetler, Robby Peel and

Dr. Means.


Motion Young. Second Gehle to accept the agenda as orders. Pontsler called for the question.    Young = y, Gehle = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y, Heitkamp = y, Passed 5 yes.


Motion Gehle.  Second Heitkamp to accept the minutes from the

April 2, 2019 council meeting as presented. Now called for the question.  Gehle = y, Heitkamp = y, Now = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y . Passed 5 yes.



Visitors to Address Council:


Dr. Means addressed council with some concerns regarding the library and the gun free zone / no firearms signs. The library is actually run under the School Board administration. We will contact the library with his concerns.


Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:


Mayor Joseph noted the receipt of the Mayors Court reports and pay in.


Community Announcements and events:


Friday – April 19th – Village Office closed for Good Friday


Saturday am – April 20 – New Horizons Student Ministries – bottle cap collection to benefit the Veterans Memorial

(Will be 3rd Saturday of each month)


Saturday – April 27 – Mom to Mom sale – Community Building


Sunday – April 28 – Heartbeats for Andrea – Community Building

Benefit to help with medical expenses


Monday – May 6 – Bicentennial Meeting


Thursday/ Friday – May 9 and 10 – Parkway 3rd graders visit log cabin and museum.


Tuesday – May 14 – Brush pick up


Monday – May 27 – Memorial Day Celebration



Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long


Weather has been working with us and we are very busy.


WWTP – all equipment has been installed and is running. We have some tidy up jobs to complete.   Understand that we did no treatment for 3 months and that is why we are having some odor issues.   This will get better. Fremont is ramping up production.


We have 16 applications to date for the general labor position. We are looking for someone wanting this as their career for the next 20+ years. Would like Blair and Aaron as well as council to set in on the interviews as they will be the ones working with the new person in the years to come.  The service committee will meet next Tuesday at 7 pm to review applications and narrow down to 5 to be interviewed possibly the following week.   Jeff will also have interview questions to review and approve.


There is some training with the Ohio Rural Water Association that could benefit the new person.


WWTP rules need someone on site 4 hours per day. Water plant needs testing 7 days per week.   All falls under the EPA guidelines which we must follow.



Committee Reports


Finance Committee – Steve Gehle


Motion Pontsler to pay bills as submitted – $ 261,512.60. WWTP payments make up most of the bills.  Second Young, Heitkamp called for the question. Pontsler = y, Young = y, Heitkamp = y, Gehle = y, Now = y. Passed 5 yes.


Motion Pontsler. Second Now to accept the Mayors Court pay in of $681. Gehle called for the question.   Pontsler = y , Now = y, Gehle = y, Young = y, Heitkamp = y. Passed 5 yes.



Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler


Motion Gehle. Second Heitkamp to close Pear St. between Main and Franklin streets for the Rock Solid Performance 1 year anniversary celebration on May 4th. Pontsler called for the question.   Gehle =y, Heitkamp = y, Pontsler = y, Young = y, Now = y. Passed 5 yes.



Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp –


Safety Committee meeting schedule for May 7th – before council meeting at 7 pm.



Economic Development Committee: Shane Young


Jeff and Brad showed the signage that will be located at the subdivision.   Again –

Lots reduced pricing for 2019.   Must purchase AND build this year.


New business coming on Main street next to the gym.   We have Main street about filled up.   This is great for our community. There have also been some Main St. business improvements which look very good and is much appreciated!



Public Utilities Committee:  Wilbur Fox – absent


Rules Committee:   Brad Now



Old Business:


At the November General Election there will be a Mayor Seat and (2) Council seats on the ballot. Residents interested in public service would need to contact the Board of Elections and get paperwork filed by the August 7th at 4 pm deadline.


New Business:           




_________________________                      _________________________

Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer.



Meeting adjourned at 7:54 pm