Meeting Minutes: August 10 , 2017

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Meeting Minutes: August 10 , 2017

August 10, 2017


Mary Beougher opened the meeting at 8 am with 7 members present.


The Business Directory is done and sent to be printed. We will be getting 3,000 which will need stapled.   We will be having a staple party !   They should be done

in time to hand out at our October events.


Need to pay the Brand It Marketing bill and we will have another bill for the new discs on the West Welcome Sign.


The sign at 118 North has been completed. Thank you to Village employees for helping us with the project.   We will be redoing the West Welcome Sign as it was leaning. We will be setting up like the 118 North sign with the concrete base.


We will look at some options to get the Bicentennial information on the Welcome Signs.


October 8th the Chamber will be sponsoring – “Soup”er concert in the park.

We have Triad and the Parkway musical department for music.

We have New Horizons Community Church youth group for the hamburger/hot dog stand.


We have Community Health Professionals – making Cheesy Potato Soup,

Colonial – Vegetable soup, Need to check with Jamie about Subway, someone may be donating the Ham and Bean soups and we are asking someone else about Chili.

  • After meeting Sandy Schaffner suggested Chicken Noodle soup and mentioned that the cheesy potato is a favorite !

We will have cookies for dessert.


Mary will contact Wendy’s for donation of bowls, cups, spoons.


We will ask volunteers to show up at 10 am to help get set up.


Mary will contact Robin about a flyer. We need to get the information to the Rockford Rec group so they can help pass along the invitation.


Chamber banquet – suggested we check dates with Leota Bruan and see if possible to combine events ?   Would be nice to see 2 organizations working together.


Meeting adjourned 9 am.