Meeting Minutes: February 21, 2012

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Meeting Minutes: February 21, 2012


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.

Invocation was given by Gene Steiner
Pledge of Allegiance
Those present: Gehle, Steiner, Searight, Heitkamp

Hodge and Pontsler absent.
Also attending: Amy Kronenberger of the Daily Standard, and Marti Lentz

Motion Steiner. Second Gehle to accept Agenda as orders of the day. Searight called for the question. Steiner = y, Gehle = y, Searight = y, Heitkamp = y. Passed 4 yes.

Motion: Searight. Second Gehle to accept the minutes from the
February 7, 2012 council meeting as presented. Steiner called for the question. Searight = y, Gehle = y, Steiner = y, Heitkamp = y. Passed 4 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:

Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long – absent

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee – Steve Gehle

Motion Steiner. Second Searight to pay bills in the amount of $5,710.32. Bills include salt bill, RADC membership and other normal expenses. Heitkamp called for the question. Steiner = y, Searight = y, Heitkamp = y, Gehle = y. Passed
4 yes.

Finance committee meeting schedule for February 28th at 7 pm has been changed to March 5th at 7 pm.

Service Committee: Gary Hodge- absent

Safety Committee: Ron Searight


1st reading – 02/07/12

2nd reading – 02/21/12

Safety meeting scheduled for February 28th at 7:30 pm

Economic Development Committee: Eugene Steiner

The Clark Station has re-opened under new management. There will be a ribbon cutting as soon as they are ready.

Hoping to have some correspondence information for the next meeting. Someone has contacted us about a business and we have made a return contact. Just waiting on more information at this time. To early to give any more details.

Economic Development meeting scheduled for February 28th at 7 pm. There will be a RADC Meeting on February 27th at the library basement.

Public Utilities Committee: Greg Pontsler – absent

Less shut off notices sent out this month ~ 54 instead of 70+.

Rules Committee: Chris Heitkamp

Old Business

New Business

Councilman Searight received an email regarding cat problems around the old school area. Paul to call the dog catcher and discuss options.

J & B Equipment looking for some help in getting the old trailer removed.


Meeting adjourned 7:44 pm