Meeting Minutes: February 9, 2017

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Meeting Minutes: February 9, 2017

February 10, 2017


The meeting was called to order on December 9th by President Mary Beougher  at 8 am 6 members and 1 guest were present.


Mr. George Moore introduced himself. He is running for the Celina Municipal Court Judge.    The current judge will be retiring.  The primary election will be held in May.  He has 5 point plan for a safer Mercer County.


  1. 1st time offenders – will be offered some education – may not go on permanent record.
  2. Harsher sentences for repeat offenders
  3. Evening court hours
  4. More technology within the court system
  5. Probation department


Thank you to Mr. Moore for attending and giving us some information.


December minutes were read along with January financial information.

The Chamber agreed to donate $200 to the Lions Club for the Variety show to be held on March 24 & 25th.   We received the yearly statement for the Crime Awareness fund.


We have received all the funding for the Rockford Welcome Sign located on

118 North. The Village has been working on the base and the frame work.  The insert is here and we are waiting on the discs.  We will need some backer boards and some paint.  The Welcome Sign to the West will need some work as it’s leaning.


We discussed the Business Directory – there will be no date as we won’t be doing another one until our Bicentennial year in 2020.   Lisa to contact Marie to see if we can have an evening meeting  to get it all updated.  Mary has made contact with the printer and they are good to go.   The membership deadline was February 1st.  Mary will make one last attempt to contact those who were members last year to see if they are still interested.


Congratulation to Nancy Leighner – the Rockford Chamber Bright Star for 2016 !


Joyce Emans reported to Mary that she will no longer be doing the Christmas at the Park.   Thank you Joyce for your volunteer efforts in making the park so beautiful each year.  We are looking for an organization or school group that might want to continue the Christmas at the Park decorating.


There will be a welcome at the Community Building for Dr. Means.   The Chamber would like to be there to welcome him to the community.  We will take a ‘welcome bag’ and a planter.   Members should meet at the Community building at 4:30 pm on February 16th.


Please bring your fundraising ideas to the next meeting on March 9th.  We will begin to work towards purchasing new banners for the Bicentennial.   We are hoping to add some banners – out to the school, down Market St. block and around to Dollar General.



Meeting adjourned.