Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2016

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Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016



Mary Beougher brought the meeting to order at 8 am at the Rockford Village Hall. There were 9 members present.


Guest Doug Hole discussed the Sock Hop that will be held on August 6th and what they will need help with from the Chamber.    The Chamber will help with the cooking and the ice cream machine.  Mary to get flyers designed from our good friend Robin.  Discussion on how the funds should be split.  Doug suggested that we just put everything together then figure it out later.  We will need to  purchase food and money to pay the band.  We will be looking at getting some help with sponsorship for the food and the band costs so that we can make a profit.  In previous years it’s come out about even.   We will ask chamber members to help sponsor the event.   The Laurels and Subway have expressed interest.  Ideas to help promote… Facebook – Man Cave, press releases with flyer.



Minutes from April meeting were read and approved along with the financial report.


The phone directory is done and available at the Rockford Village Office, the post office, the banks and library.


The business directory was discussed. We have a start but it’s already May.  Members are going to put the directory on hold at this time and work towards a 2017 version.  Several reasons – we have so many events coming up that need to be represented in the directory and the photos that are currently in place are more than several years old.  We will have more information on the sub division and the bicentennial.    We don’t want to hurry the job we want a nice professional directory that promotes Rockford and our area members.


Discussion moved to the Rockford Bean Bake . Ralph and Nancy Ritz will be sponsoring Jerry Garcia.  He would like to be towards the end of the show. Mary is waiting on information about the Brass section of the Grand Lake St Marys.  (Lisa contacted Parkway band and choir directors – Mrs. Wagner’s JH Choir will perform the Star Spangled Banner and a couple of songs. )  Mike Bruns ? Lisa will meet with the Parkway Ministerial to see if they have any interest in helping  with music and volunteers – maybe providing a food stand.  Other music suggestions were Carl Green and George Moore.  Ashley to contact Carl.


Mary will present the Chamber scholarship on May 18th at 7 pm.

Mary will continue to work on some volunteer local celebrities to be in the Rockford Community Days dunk tank. Information will be given to the Community Days committee to be placed on the schedule of events.  Mary has Sheriff Jeff Grey on board.  Ashley will talk to husband about help in getting the dunk tank to and from Rockford so we don’t have to pay for delivery.  Proceeds to help the police department purchase tasers and/or vest cams.


Idea was mentioned about having Rockford T-shirts for sale. Ashley will talk to Jessica.


Dan Henkle reported the West Welcome to Rockford sign is out of square. He talked to Tom Beahrs and we may need to dismantle and put back together.   We are working on getting an updated quote for 118 North.   The goal is to have done this fall.  The Chamber portion will be approximately $2500.00.  We are hoping these upcoming events income will cover some of the costs.



Upcoming event dates:


Community Days dunk tank – June 18th

The Belle Sock Hop / Cruise in – August 6th – ice cream and food stand

The Chamber Banquet – September 26th

The Rockford Bean Bake – October 2nd

Christmas at the Park – November 27th.



Meeting adjourned.