Meeting Minutes: November 20, 2012

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Meeting Minutes: November 20, 2012


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.

Invocation was given by Gene Steiner

Pledge of Allegiance

Those present: Steiner, Pontsler, Searight
Gehle – absent, Hodge – absent, Pontsler – absent

Also attending: Nancy Leighner. Marti Lentz, Sue Barna and Amy K. – Daily Standard,

No quorum but held meeting anyway. No motions to be made.

Visitors to Address Council:

Nancy Leighner reported that at the Leota Braun Banquet, Ryan Sipe gave a report on the park and thanked the Village employees for all the work being done at the park.

Sue Barna reported that she has talked to many people who are in favor of a Dollar General coming to the Village.

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:

Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long

Paving project came in under budget. We are looking to extend the grant until next year. If approved, we will be paving Pearl St. and Vine St. in the spring.

Catch basins on Pearl St. will be installed over the winter months.

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee – Steve Gehle – absent

Service Committee: Gary Hodge – absent

Safety Committee: Ron Searight
No report at this time.

Economic Development Committee: Eugene Steiner

Details are coming together for a Dollar General to come to the Village sometime next year.
Public Utilities Committee: Greg Pontsler – absent

Rules Committee: Chris Heitkamp 

Nothing at this time


Old Business

Question about the buildings on Main Street. The demo needs to be done by the 2nd week of December to get all paperwork completed. Jeff has talked with Rob Belna and the project will continue this week.

New Business

Thank you to the Rockford Chamber for purchasing the Parkway Panther banners that have been put up in the downtown area. They look very nice. We are lucky to have outside organizations working together for the good of the Village. The Chamber will also be purchasing Merry Christmas and Welcome to Rockford banners. Total cost of the project will be $3,000.

Council approved to give the Village employees Chamber Gift Certificates for Christmas. This way we will be supporting our local businesses.

Frankie Jo’s will be re-opening in the near future. This is good news. Another plus for the Village.


Meeting adjourned 7:48 pm