Meeting Minutes: October 1, 2013

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Meeting Minutes: October 1, 2013


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.

Invocation was given by Gene Steiner

Pledge of Allegiance

Those present: Gehle, Steiner, Pontsler, Heitkamp

Blossom – absent, Searight – absent

Also attending: Jeff Long, Sergeant Stetler  

Motion  Steiner.  Second Pontsler  to accept the agenda as orders of the day.

Gehle called for the question.   Steiner = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Steiner = y.  Passed 4 yes.

Motion: Pontsler.  Second Gehle to accept the minutes from the

September 17, 2013  council meetings as presented. Heitkamp called for the question.   Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Heitkamp = y, Steiner = y.  Passed 4 yes. 

Visitors to Address Council: 

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:

Thank you to Bryan Stetler for filling in some hours while Paul is off.

Trick or Treat will be October 26th from 6 – 7:30 pm.  This will be the normal from now on that Trick or Treat will be the last Saturday of the October. 

Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long

North St. property.  We have been in contact.   There is another load or 2 that needs moved out.    

Committee Reports

Finance Committee – Ron Searight – absent

Gene Steiner gave report.

Motion Gehle to pay the bills in the amount of $14,376.62 . Second Pontsler  Expenses street lighting and DP & L.   Steiner called for the question.  Gehle = y, Pontsler = y, Steiner = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 4 yes.

The Finance committee will have a meeting on October 9th to discuss budget and levy information.  Begins at 7:30 pm. 

Service Committee:  Greg Pontsler

Rec Board has a lot going on down at Shanes Park.  Monday nights are flag football games and Tuesday nights are soccer nights.  Lots of people enjoying the park.  The Rec Board is continuing to make more improvements. 

Had some discussion on Park restrooms and procedures to get restrooms locked at night.    Mayor Joseph reported that Paul gave his people a new General Order for park patrol and locking the restrooms

Mayor Joseph also reported there would be a meeting with the Rec Board on

October 2nd at 7pm.   

Safety Committee:    Chris Heitkamp

Nothing at this time.

Economic Development Committee:   Eugene Steiner

Economic Development meeting on October 15th @ 7 pm  to set some goals. 

Public Utilities Committee:  Steve Gehle

Nothing at this time. 

Rules Committee:     Peggy Blossom  – absent 

Old Business 

New Business 

Meeting adjourned  7:50  pm.