Meeting Minutes: October 12, 2017

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Meeting Minutes: October 12, 2017

Meeting began at 8:00 am on October 12, 2017 with 5 members.


Financial report – Balance $4274.17.


  • “Soup”er Concert in the Park – October 8th – Thank you to all who volunteered and participated.       Thank you to Blind Date Band and the Parkway Music department for National Anthem and selections from High School Musical.

Not a very good turn out and didn’t cover expenses.   We have tried several different ideas and themes but community is not supporting the event.   We will no longer be having the event.


  • Chamber Banquet – October 23rd


Meal –   Rockford Carry Out

Decorations – will come up with something

Set up – Monday – October 23rd at 3 pm. – Need volunteers to help.

Program schedule –

MC – Jonathan Williams

Blessing – Jeff Long


Bicentennial update by Barb Pedroza – Barn Quilts – 5 minutes


New Business will be the “entertainment” – Amy Lyons and Bob Ransbottom will talk about their businesses and how they got started.   Share their story.


Robin to do programs – will be getting her updated information


There will not be a Christmas at the Park this year. No Volunteer leadership.


Purpose of Chamber – support business community. We are not getting any support or additional volunteers to continue in the same manner year after year.  Chamber will continue to support the directory, the Welcome signs and the web site.   Our only income will be the yearly membership fees and we will need to be careful how we use funds.   May have a quarterly meetings in 2018?   8 programs will no longer be sponsored by the Chamber.  We will have to decide on the yearly scholarship… may continue but with a lesser amount.  The Chamber will remain a member of the NOACC so that businesses can still get the Anthem discount.


We will update the 2018 Membership form. – We will mail in November and the due date will be January 15th, 2018. After that the membership will cost $60.00.


The next Chamber meeting will be held on November 9th at 8 am at the Colonial Nursing Center with a FREE breakfast for members. Please RSVP to Mary at by

November 6th.