Rockford Chamber to Sponsor Individual for 2015-16 Leadership Class

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Rockford Chamber to Sponsor Individual for 2015-16 Leadership Class

www.RockfordAlive.comThe Rockford Chamber is a proud participant in this program and sponsor an area business leader to take part each year. If you are interested in being considered for the 2015-2016 Leadership Class please reach out to us at



One of the main reasons for the excellent quality of life in the Mercer County area is the quality of leadership and involvement of its residents.  The purpose of the Leadership Mercer County Program is to increase the  quality and quantity of men and women capable of accepting leadership roles in various community organizations.  Participants will be exposed to a variety of social and economic issues and opportunities facing Mercer County.  Our goal is to develop a source of informed civic-oriented leaders who are interested in directing the future of Mercer County, Ohio.



With input from community leaders, this program has been designed and developed by the Celina-Mercer County Chamber of Commerce.  After studying other successful programs in Ohio, the Chamber has molded a program, which best fits, the needs of our community.  The program consists of ten full-day class sessions, which will be held one day per month from September through June.  The program includes orientation and graduation  sessions as well as individualized training and follow up.  Sessions run from 8:00am to 4:30pm once a month.  Each session will focus on a topical area selected to represent key community issues and will be held at various community locations.  During each session, participants are introduced to issues by means of panels, lectures, on-site visits, group discussions, and simulations.  In each case, the program is designed to address specific areas rather than vague concepts.



Participants generally will be sponsored or recommended by their employers.  In many cases, self-employed persons will sponsor themselves.  Sponsorship may also be made by non-profit organizations or by the individual themselves.  Participants should have motivation, interest and commitment to serve the community.  Demonstrated leadership qualities are also desirable.  Participation in the session represents a significant commitment of time and dedication by the participants.  A maximum of twenty participants will be accepted into the Leadership Mercer County Program.  Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you are interested in this Leadership Mercer County Program, please visit  or contact the Celina Mercer Chamber of Commerce for more details: