Rockford EMS — HELP NEEDED !

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Rockford EMS — HELP NEEDED !

Rockford EMS

P.O. Box 188

Rockford, OH 45882


October 1, 2014: This is an open letter to the residents of Rockford Village, Mendon Village, Dublin Township, Union Township, Blackcreek Township, Liberty Township, & Hopewell Township:


The Rockford EMS branch desperately needs your help. Rockford EMS is in need of volunteers who are willing to take classes and serve as a member of the Rockford EMS squads. Recent meetings were held to discuss this matter with village and township officials in the Rockford EMS coverage area. Without more volunteers on board in the very near future, it is possible that the Rockford EMS branch will see some major changes.


Recent changes have been made in the response for EMS runs in the Rockford EMS coverage area. At the time of this letter, all EMS runs to the northern part of Mercer County, from 6a.m.-6p.m. Monday-Friday, are being covered by squads from the Celina Fire Department. Although the squad runs are being handled as quickly as possible, it is not what we desire. It is the desire of Rockford EMS that all runs be handled by the Rockford EMS branch units. In order to do so, it is urgent we get more volunteers. ALL hours of volunteers are needed, but the immediate need is specifically for volunteers who would be available to make runs during the daytime hours. If you live in a five (5) mile radius of the EMS station you can respond to the station to make squad runs. If you live outside the five mile radius, you can still be a “first responder” and meet the squad on the scene.


More Rockford EMS volunteers are needed now. If we are unable to get volunteers from the Rockford area, some very hard decisions will need to be made. These decisions may be up to and including the paying for private EMS service to cover the area or possibly a long term agreement for EMS coverage from Celina EMS units.


To be a Rockford EMS volunteer: must be 18 years of age at the time of taking the final test, must have a valid Ohio driver’s license, must have high school diploma or GED, must complete and pass a background check, must sign a two(2) year agreement to make EMS runs after fully trained. All initial training will be paid by Mercer County EMS.


WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue to provide EMS service from the Rockford station. Only eight students are needed in order to conduct the EMT classes in Rockford. If you or a member of your family is interested in helping please leave your name and contact information at 419-305-2887 or E-mail information to Someone will contact you as soon as possible. Time is critical in making EMS response decisions for northern Mercer County. This is a great opportunity to help your family, friends, and neighbors by being an EMS volunteer. Please call for more information today.



Thank you,

Rockford EMS