Shanes Crossing Chronicle, December 2014

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Shanes Crossing Chronicle, December 2014


As most of you know, our town will be celebrating their bicentennial in just five years. Our society has had a couple of meetings of community members to discuss ideas we each have on ways to celebrate this great event. At our next meeting, to be held on January 19, we will form an executive committee that will guide the entire event. We are asking that all interested people to attend the meetings or let us know what projects to include in the celebration. We have discussed the possibility of a large mural on the South side of the firehouse. We have generally agreed that it needs to be a year long celebration. The next meeting will be held on January 19 at the museum, at 7:30 pm.



We have been able to obtain from the home of Velma Schumm the old butter churn that her parents used to churn butter once a week and bring to Rockford to sell. We also have her sewing machine that still works with a date of being manufactured in 1906.


Many of you know of the Frysinger house on South Main Street that was called the ‘Big House’

and was built by Cale Frysinger around 1908. This house had a grand ballroom on the third floor and we now have the piano from there on display. We understand that they had musical events about every Saturday night in the ballroom. We are looking for pictures of the ballroom. Can you help?


Former Rockford resident, Joe Howell, donated a small book printed in 1840, titled ‘The Life of Peter’. This is now the oldest book we have in the museum.


Thanks to Mike Schumm we were able to get a poster at an auction that advertises the annual ROCKFORD CARNIVAL, Aug. 10-15, 1939 sponsored by the Firemen and Legion. The poster also states that “Beginning Tuesday Harry Kaffenberger, noted parachute jumper of Ft.Wayne will present a free act at 7:30 each evening, including a Delayed Jump, Double Jump, and the Human Torch”. Do you know where he landed?



Enclosed you will find a form to renew your membership for another year or become a member of our society. We thank you for your support.