Shanes Crossing Chronicle, February 2007

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Shanes Crossing Chronicle, February 2007

Notes from Norm Van Tilburg, President, 419-363-2998

Since the holidays, we have been very busy at the museum, With the help of the town workers, we now have the ceiling tile replaced in the main showroom. This has really dressed-up the ceiling. We still get items donated on almost a weekly basis.

A couple of weeks ago we received some pictures from the Esther Buel family which included some one room school pictures and a very nice picture of the creamery in the late 1800’s run by the grandfather of the late Olen Ransbottom. This week, Ted Bollenbacher dropped off some of his grandfather’s WWI equipment.

Since the last letter, many of you know, we received a sizable inheritance from the Janice Reisher Brands estate. We are in the process of investing the largest share of the $140,000 so the interest will pretty much keep the museum going for many years. We still have a few small projects we hope to get done soon. Below is the news item which was posted on

100_0362Former Rockford High School Graduate Bequests Money to Local Historical Society

Pictured are Murph Knapke and Norm Van Tilburg. A check from the Janice (Risher) Brands estate is being presented to Norm VanTilburg, president of the Shanes Crossing Historical Society. The amount was over $140,000. The late Janice Brands graduated from Rockford High School, and spent 25 years as a bookkeeper for the Rockford D P & L office. Kanpke is executor of the estate.

Shanes Crossing Historical Society Looking for Museum Volunteers for the 19th Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

MCj04109890000[1]Every year, a group known as the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) spends a week touring part of the state learning about Ohio. This year they will be starting in Celina on Sunday, June 17, 2007 and riding to Van Wert via Rockford, Willshire and Ohio City on that day. The morning stop in Rockford is expected to be between 6-10 a.m.. Bicyclists will be stopping for breakfast refreshments, rest, and places to visit. The new museum will be open for them. There could be as many as 3000 riders and their family members bicycling through. Some say we could have as many as 5000 riders. Contact Norm VanTilburg at 419-363-2998 if you can help with greeting and serving refreshments.

More details will be forthcoming as this event is planned locally by Tafani Stober, coordinator of the GOBA Rockford stop. But, mark your calendars now!

Click here for the website for Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. in the museum.