Shanes Crossing Chronicle, December 2006

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Shanes Crossing Chronicle, December 2006

Notes from Norm Van Tilburg, President, 419-363-2998

The first weekend of December brought well over 200 visitors. Positive comments were made and there were even some that had items they wanted to share.

I want to thank everyone who helped to get the museum ready to open by painting the walls, installing showcases, shelving, and storage cabinets. There were others that sort through materials to see what all we had and many who helped by setting up the displays.

I also want to thank those who helped at the open house by greeting visitors, baking cookies, making drinks, and keeping the refreshments available. We used well over 20 dozen cookies.

We have found that the work in a museum never ends. After the holidays we need to start the inventory process. We hope to get a good program for this process and have everything computerized. Also this winter, with the help of the town workers we will replace the ceiling panels with the ones we salvaged from the old school. It seems that every week we get a new item to show.

We now have a nice sign on the front on the building with our name ‘ROCKFORD VILLAGE HALL & MUSEUM’ displayed with lights on at night. Jane Now submitted the name for the building.