Shanes Crossing Chronicle, July 2014

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Shanes Crossing Chronicle, July 2014


Since our last meeting we have been busy with many activities with the society. Early in May the Parkway third graders had their field trips to the log house and the museum. We appreciate everyone who helped with this event from baking cookies and those who helped with the presentations including the four high school students. One of the students, Ashleigh Baughman, also completely replanted our herb garden at the log house. Ashleigh did this project as a girl scout project and a special thanks goes out to her.  In June we sponsored the community garage sales in conjunction with the Community Days. We thank Roy Thompson for getting the women to show their spinning crafts during community days.



We have gotten numerous items donated to the museum. From Velma Schumm we have acquired her sewing machine which was manufactured in 1906 and she had continued to use until she went to the rest home. We also got the butter churn her parents used to make butter from their dairy herd and bring it to sell in town. We also got some of Velma’s ‘old’ hand sewn clothes.

We have received some old books such as: The Home Formulary which was available from the C.N. Mallory and Son Drugstore of Rockford. Also some school readers have been donated by Fred Vann.

An old two door toaster belonging to Bessie Searight was donated by her grandchildren Jean Ireland and Ron Searight.

Awhile back Melville Gehm donated an old Crosley 706 Show Boy Radio that was in the attic of the house in which his family lived for 60 plus years and Steve Thompson had tried to get it to work, but had no success.

Bill Walls gave us a picture of the old horse drawn huckster wagon of Merkle and Egger of Chattanooga, Ohio. The driver was Oscar (Brownie) Heffner.



As you know, Rockford will be celebrating their Bicentennial in about five years. We have been discussing some activities we would like to see at this time. We are now going to get more people involved and we are inviting all Rockford businesses and organizations to begin planning for this event. On August 18, at 7:30 in the museum, we will have a planning session for all that have an interest in this grand event.



The next regular meeting of the society will be on August 28 at 7:30. Our guest speaker will be former Parkway graduate John Vining. John’s presentation will be ‘Nineteenth and Twentieth Century American History Reconsidered’. The public is invited to our meetings in the museum.