Shanes Crossing Chronicle, May 2006

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Shanes Crossing Chronicle, May 2006


Many things have happened since the last letter. We have been able get our building painted on the inside and the town has put new offices in for the police department. The town offices have been moved and everything is working fine for them. They are very happy with the amount of room they now have.

The items the historical society had stored above the old town hall were moved to the new building by one of the vo-ag classes from school. We now need to inventory every thing and begin to get them organized to see how to lay out our displays.

We were able to get an advanced painting class from school to paint a mural on the North wall. This mural depicts a main street scene of Rockford in the early 1900’s. This class has just recently put the finishing touches to this project. On the back of this page is a partial copy of this mural.

As the school year ends this week we will now be able to get some items from the old school building before it is torn down. One of the main items we will get are the three large trophy cases which we will place on our walls for displays. We will also get some storage cabinets and tables and chairs. After seeing how everything fits together we hope to have a dedication sometime this fall.


With graduation and Memorial Day activities being this weekend, and some members being out of town, we will not have a meeting this month. We will plan on meeting again on June 22. In the mean time stop by the ‘old lumber yard’ and see the progress that has been made.