Chamber News: March 14, 2019

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Chamber News: March 14, 2019

Welcome – 6 executive board members present   – Next meeting will be held on April 11 at 8 am for Board.


Opening Remarks

  • February Meet and Greet – good feedback, good attendance.   The Community knows there is something happening with the Chamber
  • Thank you to RCO for providing snacks!


January minutes – reviewed and approved minutes.


Financial report – Amanda gave report. Not much happening at this time. We will continue to work on memberships.



New Business

  • Chief May – request funds from Crime Awareness Fund for Vests – Fund balance $6951 can use up to 10% – per Leota Braun Foundation guidelines for this account.   Committee approved the 10% withdraw. Amanda will start process talking with Jordan to see what he needs to proceed. We will do a press release for presentation.


  • Chamber benefits for newer businesses for this year.   Next year will be NEW – brand new moving forward.
    • 1st year of Rockford Chamber membership is FREE
    • Pre-ribbon cutting press release
    • Ribbon cutting and photo/promotion
    • Post-ribbon cutting press release – mention Chamber Benefits with releases
    • $50 ad to help get the new business going (online or print)
    • Laura Putman member to help keep track, and approach new members
    • Anytime we are together representing Chamber need to wear blue chamber shirt
  • Upcoming – Ribbon Cuttings
    • Stained Glass Paradise – extend stay home in Rockford

Mercer Metal

Luginbill Construction

Laura Putman Photography

Curvy Closet

Women in Business


  • Community Days
    • Face Painting – Festival of Arts – may be sponsored by The Laurels – Leah to check
      • Charge $1 fee — proceeds to Parkway Scholarship
    • Laura Putman – may sponsor a Photo Booth
      • Charge $1 fee – proceeds to Parkway Scholarship


    • $10 fee for each event to sign up – Lisa will donate $20
    • 2019 Fun Challenge – Marie, Leah and Andrew working on details. Letters will soon be going to local businesses for information and participation requests.


  • Updated Chamber membership to members.



  • Marketing needs – more discussion at next meeting.
    • Social media promotion for fun challenge
    • #MembershipMonday posts
    • Determine direction for downtown banners


2nd Quarter chamber member event – May

3rd Quarter chamber member event – August

4th Quarter chamber member event – October 7th – Chamber Banquet

Brand It Sponsorship of Banquet.


Old Business

  • Determine an Executive Board representative for big areas of Chamber business – tabled to next meeting
    • Membership
    • Marketing
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Chamber Banquet
    • Fundraising
  • Chamber Welcome Sign – South
    • needs paint and updated discs – Contact Mr. Kuhn and get quote from Unique Awards
    • Village to take out the river rock and put in cement pad.
    • Usually transfer at least $500 each year to sign fund for upkeep needed
    • New Business –
  • To be discussed at future meeting – Bonus gifts for memberships
  • Rockford Rocks – around town for special discounts at businesses


2019 Events

  • 2019 Membership Drive
  • Update the Chamber membership phone list
  • Update the Chamber membership booklet /Visitors Guide to be ready for 2020
  • April – Chamber Scholarship review applications
  • May – Present Chamber Scholarship Award
  • May – 2nd Quarter chamber member event
  • June – Community Days involvement – Work with RSP – Challenge Course
  • July – Begin designs for the Bicentennial Banners – need 2 sets
  • August – Mercer County Leadership
  • August – 3rd Quarter chamber member event
  • October 7th  Chamber Banquet – (Citizen of the Year / Business of the Year)
  • November / December – Membership Drive 2020