Chamber News – May 2020

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Chamber News – May 2020

Welcome  –    Zoom Meeting    –   Marie, Laura and Amanda present

April Chamber letter  – posted online  

Financial report (Amanda)   — Finances getting low – large expenses for web site and directory.  

Not sure if RADC has paid their share. –  need to find out.

Upcoming Facebook notices

  • Need to update the web site  – with current membership —

we only do this once per year – project started

Upcoming – Ribbon Cuttings

JNY Design – Jessica Yoder — maybe ribbon cutting with her and some of her products / designs so

People know what her business is.  Will work on it once we get her information back.

First year membership FREE !

Old Business

  • Chamber Welcome Sign – South  – in process – no time frame for completion – have called – not getting an answer L

•      1st quarter  –  Chamber Event   –  Dawn Kennedy – Entre Money Coach

Find your Break Through Number –   Rockford Library

Was canceled — tabled for now.  May look to a virtual event — may get more attendance.

  • Pursing a Main Street Committee to help promote the downtown area –?    Marie will be reaching out to those that have responded and those that expressed interest in helping on the membership form.   Chamber would promote by paying for ads.
  • Banquet determination /  Date for Chamber Banquet – October 5th   –   Theme / invitations  —- Need feedback ?   Do we invest time and money in this uncertain time.    Do we postpone event to next year?  Do we make changes and make it a luncheon instead…thoughts/ ideas ? 
  • If no banquet —   Do we use the funds to generate some grants for local businesses.    

Supply businesses with cleaning supplies/masks etc ?

  • Scholarship was awarded to McKenna  Johnson   — need photo for press release and update web site – have contacted the school.
  • Community Days — canceled for 2020

New Business

   * T-shirt fundraiser?        —-    Rockford Rocks —- proceeds to local businesses ?   Ask Jessica Shaffer to see if she is interested ? 

   * What activities can we bring to the area on a quarterly basis to

   stay top of mind and active in community?

Chamber event to promote Anthem — deadline for event to NOACC — event needs to be done by end of year —

They sent us a full portion payment — we need to create a print ad to advertise.

Leadership in Action — not having for next year –  * need to finish last years class             

Future Plans —

I’d like for us to identify what goes in a new member packet —   order folders with Chamber logo ?

•Membership directory

•Membership Letter

•Shortlist of member benefits

•List of ways to get involved in the chamber

•List of ways to get involved in the community

•”Rules” for social media promotions from the Chamber

Assign responsibilities to this year’s board members

•Someone in charge of Main Street committee

•Someone to be responsible for membership outreach

•Someone to share posts from members on FB

•Someone to handle to banquet

•Someone to attend council meetings and/or RADC meetings

Do we have a policy for being members of other Chambers?

2020 Events  —

* October 5-  Chamber Banquet – (Citizen of the Year / Business of the Year)

* November / December – Membership Drive 2021