Meeting Minutes: April 13, 2017

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Meeting Minutes: April 13, 2017

April 13, 2017


The meeting began at 8 am  with 5 members present.


It was noted that Nancy Leighner will be the Chamber representative for the

Parkway Scholarship interviews on April 20th.  Senior Awards night is May 17th.

– Need to let Mary know –


No new information on the Dunk Tank for Community Days.


Chamber Banquet will be held on October 23rd.    We should have the previous Business of the Year and Citizens of the Year begin working on this years awards.


Jamie discussed some information with the murder/mystery dinner show that we are planning for February.  We decided on a Valentine’s Day theme.   The cost of the play will be under $100.  Jamie has several interested in volunteering to be in the show.  We will check with Carry Out on catering.   Will begin promotion on or before the Chamber Banquet.  Price of tickets will depend on the cost of the dinner.  We may work on some gift basket raffles between Thanksgiving and Christmas – raise awareness and make some additional money.   The Laurels may be able to donate some Valentine’s Day decorations they used previously.  We will encourage the guests to dress up for this ‘formal’ event.    Jamie is working to get some volunteer servers.  We discussed getting the drinks and the desserts donated to save money on the food.    Will need to sell pre sale tickets.  Jamie will have more information at the next meeting on MAY 11th !  Jamie will check with New Horizons on a Child Care night the same night as the murder/mystery show.  Win win for both groups.


“Soup”er Concert in the Park is scheduled for October 8th.    Triad will be performing along with the Parkway Musical group.   Nancy to check with the Methodist ladies about doing desserts.  Flyers to Rockford Rec.  We will work to get some funds to pay for soups.  Jamie will check with Subway to see if they can donate some potato soup.







Meeting adjourned