Meeting Minutes: April 18, 2017

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Meeting Minutes: April 18, 2017

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.


Invocation by Village Administrator – Jeff Long


Pledge of Allegiance


Those present: Gehle, Rutledge, Pontsler, Now

Fox and Heitkamp absent


Also attending: Srgt Stetler, Tom Stankard of the Daily Standard


Motion Rutledge. Second Gehle to accept the agenda as orders of the day.  Pontsler called for the question.  Rutledge = y, Gehle = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y.  Passed 4 yes.


Motion Pontsler. Second Rutledge to accept the minutes from the

April 4, 2017 council meetings as presented. Gehle called for the question. Pontsler = y, Rutledge = y, Gehle = y, Now = y.  Passed 4 yes.



Visitors to Address Council:



Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:


Mayor noted receipt and review of the Mayors Court Pay in, bank reconciliation and bank statement.



Community Announcements and events:


The Agape’ Mobile Food Pantry -will be in Rockford the 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons in the parking lot beside the Rockford Fire Department – 12:30 –

3 pm.


Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long


Shanes Park projects being completed. Columbia St progressing well with no problems.  Waste Water Treatment Plant meeting with Fremont and Engineers will be tomorrow.




Committee Reports



Finance Committee – Steve Gehle


Motion Rutledge to pay bills as submitted in the amount of $ 23,792.42 Second Pontsler.  Now called for the question.  Rutledge = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y, Gehle = y.  Passed 4 yes.


Motion Pontsler to accept the Mayors Court pay in of $571. Second Rutledge.  Gehle called for the question.  Ponstler =  y, Rutledge = y, Gehle = y, Now = y,  Passed 4 yes.


Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler


Motion Gehle to approve the 2017 Rockford Rec Board Officers:


President – Cort Smith

Vice President – Adam Carpenter

Treasurer – Joel Henkle

Secretary – Brent Agler


Board Members: Andy Rogers, Ryan Berry, Wilbur Fox, Jeff Bollenbacher, Steve Yoder, Ryan Thompson, Chad Bruns.


Second Now. Rutledge called for the question.  Gehle = y, Now = y, Rutledge = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 4 yes.


Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp – absent


Economic Development Committee: Rob Rutledge  


Public Utilities Committee:   Wilbur Fox – absent


Rules Committee:      Brad Now  – nothing


Old Business


Update on housing and buildings to be taken down.


New Business


Meeting adjourned at 7:56


____________________________                _____________________________

Mayor                                                              Fiscal Officer