Meeting Minutes: April 4, 2023

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Meeting Minutes: April 4, 2023

Council called to order by Mayor – Amy Joseph on April 4, 2023

at 7:30 pm.

Invocation –    Ron Searight

Pledge of Allegiance

Those present:   Marcas Heitkamp, Ron Searight, Luke Stephenson,

Rick Shindeldecker, Mary Beougher, Chris Heitkamp.   

Also attending:   Ross Finke, Robbie Peel, Marge Gehle, Srgt Stetler,

Sandy Schaffner, Chief May and Erin Gardner of the Daily Standard.

Motion Searight.  Second Shindeldecker to accept the agenda as orders of the day

Heitkamp called for the question.  Searight = y, Shindeldecker = y, Heitkamp = y, M Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Beougher = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Searight.  Second Stephenson to accept the minutes from the March 21, 2023 council meeting as presented.  M Heitkamp called for the question.

Searight = y, Stephenson = y, M Heitkamp = y, Beougher = y, Shindeldecker = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

* Note deadline for council agenda the Friday before council at 4 pm.  *

                        ***  time limit 5 minutes  ***

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence: 

Judy Koesters –  Appreciation and thank you for serving as our Village legal Council for 16+ years.      “Our sincere appreciate for your many years of dedicated service to the Village of Rockford.  Thank you for your leadership, caring and commitment to inspire us all to be better.”   

Community Announcements and events:

Village Office – closed Good Friday – April 7th.

Rockford Fire Department – April 8th – Pancake & Sausage – 6 am – 1 pm

Shanes Park – Easter Egg Hunt – April 8th  –  1 pm

A Hole Lot Of Resilience Fundraiser – Saturday, April 15, 2023 8 am – 4 pm

Lions Club Quarter Auction – April 22nd – Rockford Community Building


Accepting Groups / organizations to participate in 2023 Community Days –

June 16 & 17.   Contact Amy Joseph at 419-953-7874 or

Crystol Rasbach – 702-480-9146

**Proceeds to new shelter house at Shanes Park Pond.**

Village Administrator’s Report – Aaron Temple  –

Last week we replaced a high service pump.  Water plant is now doubling production.  We have another high service pump to replace in the next week or so.   Have scheduled some other maintenance that will be done over the next couple of weeks.

South Tower rehab project may begin sooner than we thought as the first in line project is on hold due to a hawk with a nest of eggs on top of the tower.  We will be getting an update later in the week. 

EPA scheduled a visit for Wednesday.   We will be discussing the floating cover idea and installing a dry hydrant in the finish pond for added water usage for fire department.   Floating cover is a new process in this part of the county – still working on gathering information.

Received quotes for Phase II for the subdivision.  Came in way higher than expected.   Will need a finance committee meeting to review finances already committed to other projects and if we can take on more.    Other option may be to sell to a developer and take us out of the equation.

Reminder to residents — getting to mowing season quickly.   Make sure lawn maintenance is done on a regular basis.   We actually don’t have time to be mowing yards, but we will if we have to.   Bret Jones mentioned last year that he would be willing to help.  Not sure if he is willing to this year, but could be a resource if you are unable to keep up with mowing on a regular schedule.   If he can help out, that would be great.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee:   Ron Searight – President

Motion Shindeldecker . Second  Stephenson to pay the bills as presented – $39,168.29.  Beougher  called for the question.   Shindeldecker = y, Stephenson = y, Beougher = y, M Heitkamp = y, Searight = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Shindeldecker to approve the monthly financial reports.  Second Heitkamp.  M Heitkamp called for the question.   Shindeldecker = y, Heitkamp = y, M Heitkamp = y, Searight = y, Stephenson =  y, Beougher = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Cash Summary by Fund, Appropriations report, Revenue Report,

Budget vs Actual activity report, Bank statement, comparison report for the water, sewer, and income tax.

Motion Heitkamp to approve supplemental appropriations to date.  Second Stephenson = y, Shindeldecker called for the question.   Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Shindeldecker = y, M Heitkamp = y, Searight = y, Beougher = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Beougher to approve additional purchase orders and 2nd Qtr. Blanket certificates.   Second Stephenson.  M Heitkamp called for the question.   Beougher = y, Stephenson = y, M Heitkamp = y, Searight = y, Shindeldecker = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

RESOLUTION NO. 03-23 – (re do)


Motion Stephenson,  Second Heitkamp.  M Heitkamp called for the question.  Stephenson = y, Heitkamp = y, M Heitkamp = y, Searight = y, Beougher = y, Shindeldecker = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Finance committee meeting – April 10th – 7 pm

Service Committee:   Mary Beougher –

In order to qualify for the Community Development Block GRANT – Neighborhood Revitalization Program in the amount of  $700,000 for the Franklin Street project, we  (residents of the community) need to do some work to qualify.

We need to have a community survey and 2 public meetings – timeline as follows:

April 18th – Public Meeting #1 –  begins at  7 pm 

Brice (Access Engineering) will be here for the meeting to discuss what we are planning and explain the survey.

April 19th – Survey will go out in the mail – residents will have 2 weeks to get the information back to us – drop off, return mail, email —  however they are comfortable in getting us the information.  Deadline – May 3rd, 2023.

May 16th – Public Meeting #2 – begins at 7 pm

Brice will return and give us survey results and answer any questions. 

Received a phone call —  several pot hole issues in alleys.

Mayor – Park issues — Help wanted since we can’t find volunteers to clean the park restrooms.    Have asked Parkway to clean up after their events and have asked the Rec Board to clean up after their events – if this doesn’t happen we need to find someone that will clean on a regular (sometime daily) schedule.  There is some maintenance that is needed also.  Will turn in list to Aaron.

Last weekend storms – concerns that the sirens didn’t warn of tornado.  This is  automated through central dispatch — we don’t control locally.  

Searight — not happy with T-Mobile out of cell service for 3 days ??  This is unacceptable and a safety issue.    Residents are urged to call in concerns to T-Mobile.   Should send a letter from the Village as well. 

Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp

5:30 meeting with Blair didn’t happen, will re-schedule.

Economic Development Committee:  Rick Shindeldecker

The RADC Committee will be holding a community economic development meeting on April 25th at 7 pm – at Shane Hall.   Included in the meeting will be Mercer County Economic Development, Representation from the Commissioners office, Council and local businesses.    This is open to the public – all are welcome to bring ideas.

Public Utilities Committee:   Luke Stephenson –   

Water billing information has been updated on the web site.


2.         Search under ‘Village of Rockford’ to taxes/utility payment links and hover to the right side and click on “payment links”.

3.         To the right of that page click “View Water Bill” tab.

4.         Enter Account number and Last name – click ‘lookup account’ tab

From there you can view your account information.  You can choose to “pay now” or “view bill”.   You can view your transaction history and then scroll down farther to view your previous 12 month meter usage.

Rules Committee:    Marcas Heitkamp

Old Business:

2023 is an Election Year —   Mayor and 2 council seats.    If interested pick up petitions at the Board of Election with information on how to file to be on the ballot in November.     Deadline  –  August 9th at 4 pm.

New Business:

Motion M Heitkamp to go into Executive Session – Personnel / Contract discussions.  Second Searight.  Shindeldecker called for the question.   – Time: 8:02 pm    M Heitkamp = y, Searight = y, Shindeldecker = y, Stephenson = y, Beougher = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion M Heitkamp to come out of Executive Session- Time: 8:35 pm.  Second Shindeldecker.  Stephenson called for the question.  M Heitkamp = y, Shindeldecker = y, Stephenson = y, Searight = y, Beougher = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion –   M Heitkamp.  Second Shindeldecker to pursue a long term SRO (Security Resource Officer ) contract with Parkway School.   Stephenson called for the question.   M Heitkamp = y, Shindeldecker = y, Stephenson = y, Searight – No, Beougher = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 5 yes.

Action taken:  Pursuing a long term Security Resource Officer contract with Parkway School.

               Meeting adjourned   8:35   pm 

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Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer