Meeting Minutes: August 17, 2010

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Meeting Minutes: August 17, 2010


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.

Invocation was given by Gene Steiner Pledge of Allegiance

Those present: Gehle, Steiner, Pontsler, Heitkamp. McKee and Searight – absent

Also attending: Sergeant Stetler, Judy Koesters, Jeff Long, Marty Lentz, Nancy Leighner

Motion Steiner. Second Pontsler to accept Agenda as orders of the day. Gehle called for the question. Steiner = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Heitkamp = y. Passed 4 yes.

Motion: Gehle. Second Heitkamp to accept the minutes from the August 3, 2010 meeting as presented. Pontsler called for the question. Gehle = y, Heitkamp = y, Pontsler = y, Steiner = y. Passed 4 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:

  • Arts in the Parks – Summer 2011. Is a major program of Arts Place since 1977. The program introduces young people to a variety of visual and performing arts activities. We would support and promote Arts in the Parks and they take care of the day to day activities throughout the summer at our own Shane’s Park. We need parents, grandparents, teachers, businesses, churches, and civic organizations to get involved in supporting and promoting this event.

Council gave verbal support and will talk to the finance committee to see if we can give some financial support to get things rolling.

  • The cruise in / sock hop at The Belle was awesome Saturday night. We had a good crowd. Mayor suggests that we all show support for the upcoming events at The Belle. We greatly appreciate what they are doing at The Belle.

Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long

Asphalt patching will start tomorrow.

The new water plant is up and running. We will be discussing our options concerning the demo of the old plant.

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee – Todd McKee – absent Report by Steve Gehle –

Motion Pontsler. Second Steiner to pay bills as submitted by the Fiscal Officer in the amount of $19,030.76. Heitkamp called for the question.
Pontsler = y, Steiner = y, Heitkamp = y, Gehle = y. Passed 4 yes.

ServiceCommittee: SteveGehle

We will be getting bids for the Holly Lane / Front St sidewalk project soon.

Safety Committee: Ron Searight – absent

Need to get yellow markings painted by stop sign on Franklin before school starts.

Economic Development Committee: Eugene Steiner

Two dates to remember:

The Town Hall meeting has been scheduled for August 31st at 7 pm @ the Village Hall to present the Revitalization program to our residents, realtors and bankers. Invitations will be sent to local realtors and bankers.

September 16th RADC meeting @ 7:30 at the Village Hall. Shinn Brothers will be here to give us information on the Splash Pad.

Public Utilities Committee: Greg Pontsler

Held a Public Utilities meeting just before council.

The WWTP is running smoothly. The EPA is still reviewing the treatment plant study.

Water lines to be installed – Bridge St and then Columbia St.

Jeff will be in Columbus next week in meetings with the EPA to review funding package for the water lines. Hopefully, we will receive enough funding to complete the whole village with replacement lines. Oldest water lines date back to the 1900’s. Project will begin with water lines and patch work to roads. In the next several years we will be able to get funding for additional street work. The water lines must come first as we don’t want to dig up new streets for water line work.

There will be a public utilities committee meeting late September /early October to review rates. This is a tough job – you don’t want to bring in to much, but we have to bring in enough to make payments. We want to get the information printed on the water bill for at least 2 months. The actual bill will still be the base rate, but will have what the bill would be at the metered rate.

Salt bids came in on August 11th. Morton Salt = 98.62/ton. North American Salt Company – $95.05/ ton and Cargill at $99.74/ton.

Motion Pontsler to accept the North American Salt Company bid at $95.05/ton. Second Steiner. Gehle called for the question. Pontsler = y, Steiner = y, Gehle = y, Heitkamp = y. Passed 4 yes.

Rules Committee: Chris Heitkamp

Committee currently reviewing ordinances.

Old Business

New Business

Would it be possible to move a bench in front of Stephenson Construction? There is one down by the Fire Department that may not be getting used much. Will look into.


Meeting adjourned 8:07 pm.