Meeting Minutes: December 10 , 2015

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Meeting Minutes: December 10 , 2015


December 10, 2015


Chamber President Marie Miller opened the meeting at 8 am at Subway.

Thank you Subway for hosting the event. We had 9 members present for the meeting.


Minutes of the November meeting were read. The  financial report  was given.  The general fund has a balance of $1818.85.  We have received several 2016  memberships that will help the general fund grow.  We received a check from NOACC for our Anthem marketing.


Christmas at the Park went very good. Park looks wonderful.  The set up took approximately 210 hours.  THANK YOU to all the volunteers that helped!


One problem – only a handful of chamber members showed up to help decorate. If we are going to promote this as a chamber event, we need chamber members involved !  Other area chambers assigned certain duties to members instead of waiting for volunteers.  We will work on some ideas to get more involvement.


Several suggestions for next year – Hold the program inside the new building, start program earlier – 6 pm, have the lights on when people show up OR have all lights on at the end instead of trying to get volunteers to light when the program is going on.  We need to pre mix the hot chocolate to instead of doing it beforehand.


We will need LOTS of volunteers to help take decorations down in January – this was discussed last year. We can’t let Joyce do this all by herself.


At the end of the Year we nominate officers for the following year:


President nomination – Mary Beougher    Vice President nomination –  Jamie Green.  Secretary / Treasurer – Lisa Kuhn.  All nominations were second and approved.


President – Mary Beougher and Vice President – Jamie Green. Thank you for stepping up and getting involved!


Suggestion to email out the agenda before meetings.  The meeting will still be the 2nd Tuesday of each month and will be open to all members.


The 2016 Chamber membership letters have been mailed. Important to remember the March deadline.   We will not be going door to door to make sure everyone has paperwork and payments turned in.



2016 Events –


* Update the Chamber membership phone list – March

* Update the Chamber membership booklet – March – ready by May 1st ?

* Welcome Sign 118 North – by June ?

* Chamber Scholarship Award / Presentation- May

* Community Days involvement – June

* Mercer County Leadership

* Work with Mike Bruns to continue the Sock Hop – August

* Chamber Banquet – October (Citizen of the Year / Business of the Year)

* Christmas at the Park – November





Merry Christmas to all members !