Meeting Minutes: July 19, 2022

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Meeting Minutes: July 19, 2022

Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph, Tuesday, July 19, 2022

at 7:30 pm.

Invocation –    Ron Searight

Pledge of Allegiance

Those present:  Jessica Yoder, Ron Searight, Luke Stephenson, Mary Beougher,  Chris Heitkamp.    Brad Now- absent

Also attending:   Srgt Stetler, Robbie Peel, Sandy Schaffner, Marge Gehle, and Erin G of the Daily Standard.

Motion Searight.   Second Stephenson to accept the agenda as orders of the day.  

Yoder called for the question.  Searight = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Beougher = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 5 yes.

Motion Searight.  Second Heitkamp to accept the minutes from the July 5, 2022 council meeting as presented.        Beougher called for the question.   Searight = y, Heitkamp = y, Beougher = y, Yoder = y, Stephenson = y.  Passed 5 yes.   

Visitors to Address Council:

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence: 

Noted receipt and review of Mayors Court pay in and bank statement.

Community Announcements and events:

August 1st – Budget Commission hearing – Court House – 11 am.

August 2nd – Mercer County Special Primary Election – Community Building –

Link to look up ballot information –

(top of page click Sample Ballot )

September 10th – Rockford Fire Department Chicken Dinner / Raffle

Village Administrator’s Report – Aaron Temple  –

Received inspection report of the South water tower – not good.  Lengthy list of items that need taken care of.  EPA expecting a response by end of the month.  Have requested an extension on that request in order to meet with engineering on the new water tower to see if the same company that will already be working here can also fit us in for some of the repairs that need done.   Will need a finance meeting after the next meeting to figure out how we will pay for repairs.   

Looking at August bidding new water tower project – September open bids.

WWTP – getting some odors but they are brief.  Will continue to use new treatment.  Have about 4 weeks supply left and we will need to decide if we want to purchase more – cost $4700 a pallet of 25 buckets.    We are using 1 bucket a week – ½ on Monday and ½ on Friday.

Dump truck needing repairs is why the brush hasn’t been picked up yet.  Hopefully it can be fixed and returned by the end of the week.

Shanes Park pond –  will start digging soon.  There will be a ‘Swim at own Risk’, No life guards, beach area.  Will be very nice.

The dirt pile — began moving last week and about 1/3 of the way completed.

With so much rain — residents please continue to keep up with mowing and weeds.   We mowed 2 yards this week – repeat offenders.

More vacations on the schedule over the next several weeks.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee:   Ron SearightPresident

Motion Stephenson.  Second Yoder to pay the bills as presented – $ 20.600.45      

Beougher called for the question.   Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Beougher = y, Searight = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 5 yes.

Motion Yoder.  Second Stephenson to accept the Mayors Court pay in $368.00

Heitkamp called for the question.  Yoder = y, Stephenson = y, Heitkamp = y , Searight = y, Beougher = y .  Passed 5 yes.

Service Committee:   Mary Beougher

Trees with limbs hanging low over sidewalks need addressed – home owners and tree committee.    Need to start a list of those areas that need trimming.

Anything being done with the Columbia St property? — looking pretty rough.

Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp

Nothing at this time.

Economic Development Committee:  Brad Now – absent report by Ron Searight

Shanes Crossing Subdivision – 5 Lots left for sale – contact Tammy Cheek with Homes at Ohio’s Edge Realty.        . 

Business Park updates –  

WRKD updates –  

Public Utilities Committee:   Luke Stephenson –   

Nothing at this time.

Rules Committee:    Jessica Yoder



1st reading – 06/21/2022

2nd reading – 07/05/2022

3rd reading – 07/19/2022

Motion Searight.  Second Beougher. Heitkamp called for the question. Searight = y, Beougher = y, Heitkamp = y, Yoder = y, Stephenson = y.  Passed 5 yes.

Property Maintenance letter — discuss to change or not change the number of days to come into compliance.      

Motion Stephenson.  Second Heitkamp to change the Property Maintenance Letter to give 7 days to come into compliance instead of 5 days as previously stated.   Giving time for mail and compliance.   Beougher called for the question.  Stephenson = y, Heitkamp = y, Beougher = y, Yoder = y, Searight = y N.  Passed 4 yes.

Residents that find themselves unable to meet the deadline — call the office, contact a council member, COMMUNICATE with us so we know the circumstances and maybe we can find a way to help the situation by recommending services you can hire to get the job done.   Communication is key.

Parking ordinance updates — some discussion as to what exactly needs to be addressed.   Mayor and committee will talk about several gray areas.   Seems to be regarding the fines and length of time to come into compliance.   But again, please communicate with us — we are here to help.  

We are seeing places cleaned up.  We want our residents to be proud of the community they live in – not to much to ask.

Mayors Court is the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month. 

Another question — village wide clean up day ?   No longer having to costly and was abused.   We have large item tickets for sale at the village office if you have items to get rid of that do not fit in a Maharg bag.   Seems to be working and is no more than $10 per item – most are $5. 

Old Business:

New Business:

Meeting adjourned   8:04 pm 

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Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer