Meeting Minutes: July 2 ,2019

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Meeting Minutes: July 2 ,2019

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:


Council called to order by Council President Steve Gehle on

Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.


Invocation – Jeff Long


Pledge of Allegiance


Those present: Gehle, Fox, Pontsler, Now, Heitkamp

Young – absent



Also attending: Tom Stankard – of the Daily Standard, Robby Peel, Jeff Long, Judy Koesters, Srgt. Stetler, Kevin Lutz and Steve Hessler


Motion Fox. Second Pontsler to accept the agenda as orders of the day.  Now     called for the question.   Fox = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y, Gehle = y , Heitkamp = y. Passed 5 yes.


Motion Now.   Second Heitkamp to accept the minutes from the

June 18, 2019 council meeting as presented.    Fox called for the question.

Now = y, Heitkamp = y, Fox = y, Gehle = y, Pontsler = y. Passed 5 yes.



Visitors to Address Council:


Kevin Lutz addressed council with concerns regarding a neighbor property.   Isn’t there something council can do?   The grass taller than back yard fence. Other neighbors in the area keep up property. Kevin stated the property owner mentioned an agreement with the village to keep up the mowing, but Jeff stated there was no arrangements made.   Councilman Gehle stated we are doing what we can.   Council thanked Kevin and will make note of his concerns.


Mayor’s Report and Correspondence: by Council President Steve Gehle


Resolution 38-19-R – A Resolution expressing gratitude to the Village of Rockford for providing assistance after the tornado, and declaring an emergency…..   from City of Celina.


Thank you City of Celina for your kind words.   Thank you to the emergency personnel from the Village that helped – Fire Department, EMS, and other emergency responders.   We appreciate you helping our neighbors in their time of need.




Community Announcements and events:


Thursday – July 4th – Independence Day – Village office closed.


Wednesday – Friday – July 10th – 12th –   Lisa attending Tax seminar



Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long


WWTP – generator has been installed and inspected. We are up and running.

Will be completing the storage building later summer / early fall.


Committee Reports


Finance Committee – Steve Gehle


Motion Fox to pay bills as submitted – $20,436.17    Second Heitkamp . Pontsler called for the question. Fox = y , Heitkamp = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y. Now = y. Passed 5 yes.


Motion Heitkamp to approve 3rd quarter blanket certificates and additional purchase orders. Second Fox. Pontsler called for the question. Heitkamp = y, Fox = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Now = y.   Passed 5 yes.


Motion Pontsler to approve the monthly financial reports. Second Now. Heitkamp called for the question. Pontsler = y, Now = y, Heitkamp = y, Gehle = y, Fox = y, Passed 5 yes.


Cash Summary by Fund, Appropriations report, Revenue Report,

Budget vs Actual activity report, Bank reconciliation and comparison report for the water, sewer, and income tax.


Motion Now to approve supplemental appropriations to date. Second Heitkamp. Pontsler called for the question. Now = y, Heitkamp = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Fox = y. Passed 5 yes.


Budget Commission hearings will be held at the Courthouse on August 7th at 11 am.   Jeff and Lisa will attend this meeting.



Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler



Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp


Economic Development Committee: Shane Young – absent


Jeff states more interest in subdivision – gave out information.


Public Utilities Committee:  Wilbur Fox



Rules Committee:   Brad Now





1ST reading – 07/02/19



Old Business:


At the November General Election there will be a Mayor Seat and (2) Council seats on the ballot. Residents interested in public service would need to contact the Board of Elections and get paperwork filed by the August 7th at 4 pm deadline.




New Business:           


Regarding noise ordinance – Need to review the Basic Code – should be something in code with regulations.   Would be nice if neighbors had problems with a neighbor regarding noise that the beginning would be a friendly conversation, instead of getting the law involved. If that doesn’t work, then call.




_________________________                      _________________________

Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer.



Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm