Meeting Minutes: June 11, 2015

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Meeting Minutes: June 11, 2015

June 11, 2015



Marie Miller  – Chamber President called the meeting to order at 8 am on

June 11th,  at the Rockford Village Hall.


Lisa read the minutes of the May meeting and the financial report.

All approved.


Dan Henkle gave an update on the Medical/Dental Procurement Board funds.  They are leaning towards setting up a scholarship foundation to be administered by the Leota Braun Foundation.  They will be making a final decision after they review some guidelines from several other scholarship foundations.   Lisa to contact

The MED Foundation at Mercer Health.  Dan will look into the Mercer County Civic Foundation.


We are moving forward on the Welcome to Rockford Sign – 118 North.  We have received a quote on the solar lighting – $300.  We may consider changing out the other 3 signs to solar also.  Cost should be right at $5,000.   Dan and Lisa will work on updating letters in July / August.  We will mail to those organizations that are represented asking for donation of $250.  Dan has volunteered to contact them once letters have been sent.


Some discussion on the Mural project.  Considering putting the mural on panels that can be moved someplace else if the fire department would need to expand.  Dan going to Union City, In and will take a picture of their mural.


FUN Challenge coming along.  We still need contestants !!  Leah working to fill spots.


Mary gave an update on the Poker Walk for Hospice.  Being held this Saturday.  Check in at 2:30 pm  Cost is $10.  Begin at Lake and walk to 10 establishments that have drink and/or food deals.


Congratulations to Ivan Knapp of Knapps News as the June Business of the Month.



Leadership Seminar on June 12th at 6 pm – Rockford Community Building

Starting Right  Workshop – July 16th – 6 pm – Rockford Community Building

Lunch and Learn – July 30th – 11:30  –  Rockford Library


Working on mailchimp email delivery system that will track useful information such as who has opened email.


Discussion on the Phone List and Directory.  We are looking at some other options.

Will be discussed in July.    Do we include all business or just those that are members.  We need to get the RADC and Village on board to help with more information and help with printing costs.


Meeting adjourned.