Meeting Minutes: June 7, 2016

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Meeting Minutes: June 7, 2016

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 7:30 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.


Invocation was given by Jeff Long


Pledge of Allegiance


Those present: Gehle, Rutledge, Fox, Dooley,

Pontsler and Heitkamp absent


Also attending: Jeff Long, Marti Lentz, Nancy Leighner, Chief May, and

Claire Geisige of the Daily Standard


Motion Gehle. Second Dooley to accept the agenda as orders of the day.  Fox called for the question.  Gehle = y, Dooley = y, Fox = y, Rutledge= y

Passed 4 yes.


Motion Rutledge Second Fox  to accept the minutes from the

May 17, 2016 council meetings as presented. Dooley called for the question.

Rutledge = y, Fox = y, Dooley = y, Gehle = y. Passed 4 yes.


Visitors to Address Council:


Nancy Leighner inquired about updates on the new sub division?


Jeff reported the following as we know it:


Larry McDonough met with Jeff to discuss some options for the sub division. Larry stated he would put in a pond.  He would use the extra dirt to build up a barrier so that the turkey barn would not been seen.  He also will provide some nice landscaping so it could be a win win situation.


Jeff also received a call from the Coldwater Village Administrator that stated that he saw the news article and that they (Coldwater) went through the same process only the turkey barn was actually much closer to their sub division than ours would be. Eric, Coldwater VA, suggested that Jeff and the Council take some time to visit the operation first hand.  They have had no problems or complaints.


The Council agreed that after a visit on Saturday and they see no problems or concern and a contract with Larry with proposed options. We may be able to get back on track with the sub division plans.  All were in agreement.


Steve also has a few contacts he will be talking to for some added feedback.











Mayor’s Report and Correspondence:



The following officers were recently recognized for outstanding assistance to the FBI in connection with investigative efforts: Chief Paul May III, Sgt Bryan Stetler, Patrolmen – Steven Stose, Loren Shindeldecker and Adam Saunders.


We need some volunteers for the Tree Commission Board – please contact the Village office if interested.


Thank you to Andrew Baughman – he recently replaced the old batting cage and added soft hitting stations at Shanes Park. This was a project he completed to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.



Upcoming Community events:


Rockford Community Vacation Bible School June 6th – June 10th

Located at Rockford United Methodist Church – for information

419-363- 3230.


June 13th – Bicentennial Committee Meeting – 7 pm


Shanes Park – Summer Lunch in the Park to be held rain or shine on Wednesdays beginning June 15th – August 17th.  Sponsored by the Parkway Ministerial Assocation.  Any and all welcome !


Rockford Community Days – June 17th & 18th


Rockford Community Garage Sales – June 17th & 18th


Village Administrator’s Report – Jeff Long


We will schedule a visit to Coldwater on Saturday at 11 am. Meeting here at the Village office.


We are continuing the park project with sidewalks and a bench style sitting area.   Everything will be looking very nice for our upcoming Community Days.


2 areas on Market Street will be dug out and repaved before the car show for Community Days.


Met with EPA/Engineering/Fremont to discuss the WWTP project. We are all on the same page with what needs to happen.  We are working on the Fremont surcharge rate structure.  There was some discussion on the PH discharge and how it could or would affect the treatment.  Fremont will have to install a small treatment structure before discharging to our system.  All will be according to EPA requirements.  Fremont will be testing to make sure their system is meeting regulations.  We are looking at 2017 construction at 0% interest.  We will be applying for a $500,000 grant.  At this time, we are anticipating doing this at no rate increase.




Committee Reports


Finance Committee – Steve Gehle


Motion Fox to pay bills as submitted in the amount of $22,427.93. Second Rutledge.  Dooley called for the question.  Fox = y, Rutledge = y, Dooley = y, Gehle = y.  Passed 4 yes.


Motion Rutledge to approve the May monthly financial reports –

Cash Summary by Fund, Appropriations report, Revenue Report,

Budget vs Actual activity report and Bank reconciliation. Second Dooley.  Gehle called for the question.  Rutledge = y, Dooley = y Gehle = y , Fox = y.  Passed 4 yes.


Motion Fox to approve May monthly transfers.  Second Rutledge.  Dooley called for the question.  Fox = y, Rutledge = y, Dooley = y, Gehle = y.  Passed 4 yes.


Motion Rutledge to approve the May Supplemental appropriation. Second Fox.  Gehle called for the question.  Rutledge = y, Fox = y, Gehle = y, Dooley = y.  Passed 4 yes.






1st reading – 06/07/16








The 2017 Annual Budget to Mercer County Auditor by July 15th. We will have a public hearing on June 21st at 7 pm.


We will discuss the July 5th meeting at the next meeting.


Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler – absent


Motion Gehle to approve the request to close Market Street on June 17th for the annual car show.  Second Fox.  Dooley called for the question.  Gehle = y, Fox = y, Dooley =y, Rutledge = y.  Passed 4 yes.



Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp – absent


Economic Development Committee: Rob Rutledge  


Requesting a meeting with Jeff on Thursday at 2:30 pm to discuss some economic development issues.   We will be scheduling an Economic committee meeting then to discuss results of meeting with Jeff.  Unable to give more details at this time.



Public Utilities Committee:   Wilbur Fox


Replacement light poles – they are here, assembled, and are wired. We need to get them installed but not sure it will be done by next week.



Rules Committee:      John Dooley  



Old Business


Reminder – Golf Cart / ATV rules — must be a LICENSED DRIVER to operate !!






New Business


There is a county meeting regarding a pre-disaster mitigation grant on June 21st at 2 pm.  Either Jeff or Amy will attend.






Meeting adjourned 8:01.



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Mayor                                                              Fiscal Officer