Meeting Minutes: May 5,2020

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Meeting Minutes: May 5,2020

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:

  • Meeting held via Zoom meeting – permission from State during this ‘coronavirus’ – national emergency.

Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph, Tuesday,  May 5 2020,

at 7:30 pm via Zoom meeting.

Invocation –  The Lords Prayer 

Pledge of Allegiance –

Those present:  Gehle ,Young, Means, Pontsler, Now, Heitkamp

Also attending:  Srgt Stetler, Sydney Albert of the Daily Standard.

Motion  Gehle  Second Heitkamp to accept the agenda as orders of the day.  Young called the question.  Gehle = y, Heitkmap = y, Young = y, Means = y, Pontsler = y, Now = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Pontsler.  Second Young to accept the minutes from the April 21, 2020 council meeting as presented.  Now called for the question.  Pontsler = y, Young = y, Now = y, Gehle = y,  Means = y, Heitkamp = y .  Passed 6 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence: 

Community Announcements and events:

Wednesday – May 6 – Rockford United Methodist Church – drive thru Community Dinner     *note new time 4:30 – 6 pm

Tuesday – Mary 12 – Brush Pick up

Monday – May 18th – 7 pm – Bicentennial Committee Meeting

Memorial Day 2020 Final Plans

Due to the existing COVID restrictions, the Rockford American Legion Post 508 will be altering their Memorial Day activities. The annual Memorial Day ceremony held at Hedge’s Park is cancelled. Due to business closures, the Veteran’s Memorial will not be complete and will now be dedicated May 31, 2021.

The Post will honor our fallen veterans at Riverside Cemetery at 10am. Flags will be placed on the grave markers, a 21 gun salute and TAPS will be performed. Any Post 508 members wanting to participate can report to the post at 930am.

The Rockford American Legion will also be holding their annual chicken dinner fundraiser from 11am to 1 pm-catered by the Rockford Carry-out. The cost will be $8. This year the dinners will be served in a “drive thru” fashion at the Post. Pres-sale tickets are required, and are available at Rockford American Legion, Barry’s Family Market, and The Rockford Carryout.

Rockford Bicentennial Celebration

Being our bicentennial celebration year, this was a super hard decision. It saddens me that Rockford Community Days 2020 and our bicentennial celebration has been cancelled. It is not worth the risk and our sponsor’s donation money can be better used investing back into their own businesses or donated to organizations helping those affected by Covid – 19. We WILL be back and we WILL have a bicentennial celebration unlike no other!! We sure will miss all of you! Have a great safe and healthy summer. Enjoy the blessings hidden in these dark times! 💖

Sunday – July 19th —-   Gun & Designer Purse BINGO rescheduled tentative date

Village Administrator’s Report – Aaron Temple

We have posted on Facebook – summer – seasonal part time job opening.  Please email for an application.    We will not be hiring full time until we know what the economic impact of virus situation.

We have started putting up the Bicentennial banners and the Veterans banners – they look really nice.  We are waiting for more brackets to continue the project.

We are wrapping up the insurance claim at the WWTP.  We are paying some of the bills up front and will be reimbursed then from insurance.

Mowing season is here !

Committee Reports

Finance Committee –  Shane Young  

Budget 2021 – Finance committee meeting was held earlier this afternoon — we are aware that our finances will have an impact for the for seeable future.   Projecting for next year will be challenging.  We may need to make some changes.  Will send in preliminary budget to county by July 15th — will look again September / October for a more estimated budget.

Questions regarding bills.

Motion Means.  Second Pontsler – to pay bills as presented $10,336.50.

Gehle called for the question.  Means = y, Pontsler = y, Gehle = y, Young = y, Now = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Gehle to approve the monthly financial reports.  Second Now.  Means called for the question.  Gehle = y, Now = y, Means = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Cash Summary by Fund, Appropriations report, Revenue Report,

Budget vs Actual activity report, Bank reconciliation and comparison report for the water, sewer, and income tax.

Motion Now to approve supplemental appropriations to date.  Second Pontsler.  Heitkamp called for the question.  Now = y, Pontsler = y, Heitkamp = y, Gehle = y, Young = y, Means = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler

No news on summer ball —- parks still closed.

Second street – signs.  Parking on Columbia street discussed but there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp

Post on Facebook — no grass clippings in the street, the golf cart / ATV rules for a yearly reminder.

Economic Development Committee:  Brad Now

Resident having problems receiving mail because neighbor is parking a trailer so that mail carrier can not get to mail box.   Please be courteous to your neighbors and don’t block mail boxes.     Do we need an ordinance?    Stet to send notice. 

Shanes Crossing Subdivision – Lots for sale – 20% discount/ build through – December 2021

Council received email from Tammy Cheek regarding some building plans – please review email and give some feedback for the next meeting.

Judy — Annexation of additional Fremont Property.  May need to recreate records to process.

Public Utilities Committee:  Dr. Means

No activity at this time.

Rules Committee:    Steve Gehle

Old Business:

New Business:           

Had 10 people viewing meeting — will have next meeting Zoom also and evaluate to see if we can start meeting again.

Meeting adjourned at 7:59 pm

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Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer.