Meeting Minutes: September 11, 2014

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Meeting Minutes: September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014


The September meeting was called to order by Vice President Marie Miller

At 8 am at the Village Hall.


7 members present


Marie read the minutes for the August meeting.   Motion Lisa.  Second Leah to approve the minutes.  All in favor.


Lisa gave the financial report.   General fund is @ 2006.88.  The total bank balance is $5938.19.  There will be an additional expense for Christmas lights in the downtown area.  The lights had been used for several years.  Most we either not working by the end of the season or only partially working.


Congratulations to –  Brand It Marketing – September business of the month.


Social Media class was held earlier in the week.  Only 3 individuals showed up.  We will postpone additional classes to March 2015.   We will go back to quarterly classes and make assessment if we should even continue with classes.


Bob Maurer reported that the Library levy insert is being worked on.  The Chamber would like some acknowledgement on the insert that we sponsored and support the levy.


Membership Directory –  presented a sample of directory.  The goal to have completed by November 6th is still on track.


Review the outline of Rockford’s Christmas at the Park.  We will make a call for volunteers to help decorate – November 8th and November 15th beginning at 9 am.  We will make a call for volunteers that are needed for the music portion of the event.  Deadline to volunteer is September 30th.   The next meeting will be on

October 2nd at noon at Shanes Park.


The Chamber Banquet will be held on November 6th.  We have Triad scheduled for music.  The Citizen of the year is in the works.  Nominations for Business of the Year will be taken until the end of the week – September 12th.   Work has begun on program.  Norm will present history information with some pictures and then promote the Rockford 2020 Bicentennial Event and give out some information.  Jeff will then bring us to present and future of Rockford promoting the new sub-division –  “All about Rockford evening! “     On November 6th am – we will need volunteers to help set up for the banquet.


Flower Power fundraiser continues to October 15th.


Rockford 2020 – Bicentennial Meeting will be held on October 20th.  Norm gave update of initial meeting – good ideas.  Several people have made contact that want to be involved.  The next meeting will be deciding on what and how many committees are needed.  Everyone is welcome to the meeting and encouraged to bring a friend.


Motion Norm.  Second Marie to adjourn.