Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2020

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Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2020


Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph, Tuesday, September 15, 2020,

at 7:30 pm also on Facebook live.

Invocation –   The Lord’s Prayer

Pledge of Allegiance

Those present:  Yoder, Young, Stephenson, Pontsler, Now, Heitkamp

Also attending:  Sandy Schaffner, Robbie Peel, Srgt Stetler, Chief May, Sydney Albert of the Daily Standard

Motion Stephenson.  Second Pontsler to accept the agenda as orders of the day. Young called for the question.  Stephenson = y, Pontsler = y, Young = y, Yoder = y, Now = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Heitkamp. Second Now to accept the minutes from the September1, 2020 council meeting as presented.  Stephenson called for the question.  Heitkamp = y, Now = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Visitors to Address Council:

Mayor’s Report and Correspondence: 

Mondays at 7:30 pm –

The Mayors Corner Radio Show — Rockford news and updates

Upcoming guests –

Mayor noted receipt and review of Mayors Court pay in,

bank reconciliation, and bank statement.

Feedback has been submitted to ODOT regarding 118/707 we will continue to collect information. 

Trick or Treat –   hours set from 5 – 7 pm — on Saturday – October 31st — events will be going on all day along Main Street – make plans to join us !  

Community Announcements and events:

Wednesdays —– Drive-Thru Dinners  / Kids Club Pick up Packets

            Rockford United Methodist Church 4:30 – 6:30 pm

•           Note new time — Open to the public

Saturday – September 19th – Barn Quilt Bus Tour – ticket information coming soon.   * Limited seating *  

RSVP now $20 to 419-363-3032 ext 1 – Village Office

Saturday – September 19th – Parkway Recycle Day – till noon.

Monday – September 28th – Lions Club meeting – 6:30 pm

Saturday – October 3rd 9 am – 1pm – Mercer County Household Hazardous Waste Day and Steel Drop off – Mercer County Fairgrounds –

            Residential only — NO BUSINESSES

            Flyer was posted to Village Facebook and information sent

            To Photo Star and Parkway Independent.

Sunday – October 4th – Historic Mural Dedication – more information coming.

Monday – October 5th deadline to be registered to Vote in the November election.

If you want to vote ABSENTEE  – you must request an application for ballot at or use one of the applications that have already been mailed.  DO NOT SEND DUPLICATES – ONLY 1 ABSENTEE APPLICATION SHOULD BE MAILED OR DROPPED OFF.

Print the application and fill in your information – CORRECTLY.

Use the drop box on the north side of the courthouse or mail to:

Mercer County Board of Elections

101 N. Main St. Room 107

Celina, OH 45822


Begins October 6th —- (This is also the day that absentee ballots will be mailed)

Hours are Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Beginning October 19th – Early voting hours Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm

            Saturday 8 am – 4 pm and Sunday 1 – 5 pm

Beginning October 26th – Early voting hours Monday – Friday 8 am – 7 pm

            Saturday 8 am – 4 pm and Sunday 1 – 5 pm.


            8 AM – 2 PM

November 3rd – Election Day – VOTE AT THE POLLS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY VOTED !     God Bless America

Sunday – October 11th – Fire Department will be flushing hydrants beginning at 12:30 — includes the whole village.

Thursday – October 8th – Chamber Board Meeting @ 8:30 am

Trick or Treat –   hours set from 5 – 7 pm — on Saturday – October 31st — events will be going on all day along Main Street – make plans to join us !  

Village Administrator’s Report – Aaron Temple

Splash pad will be closed this week.

Meeting with TWT Farms regarding options with land purchase for new water tower and development of an industrial park.

Several odds and ends projects – road patch work, finish playground and some electrical work at the Veterans memorial before moving to other projects such as trimming trees.

Meeting with Access Engineering this week to discuss the income survey.  Jeff Long will be going door to door  — please answer door and complete the survey !

Committee Reports

Finance Committee –  Shane Young  

Motion Pontsler.   Second Stephenson – to pay bills as presented in the amount of $10,693.08.  Yoder called for the question.   Pontsler = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Now = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Pontsler – to accept the Mayors Court pay in $541.00.  Second Heitkamp. 

Stephenson called for the question.  Pontsler = y, Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Now = y.  Passed 6 yes.



ESTIMATES FOR 2021 – $26,835.29 OR 6.63%

Motion:  Now.  Second Heitkamp.  Stephenson called for the question.  Now = y, Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y.  Passed 6 yes.



General Fund – $25,465 and Current Expense – $38,501

Motion: Pontsler.  Second Heitkamp.  Stephenson called for the question.   Pontsler =y, Heitkamp = y, Stephenson = y, Yoder = y, Young = y, Now =y.  Passed 6 yes.

Other information from the County Auditor is that Rockford will lose approximately -13.41% for 2021 in local government compared to 2020 amounts to $3,598.35.

Finance meeting held on September 8th —- many finance issues discussed.

Budget 2021 – considerations:

Insurance add 10%

Pay increase of 3% – Cost approx. $10,000 for 6 full time employees

No longer offering income tax credits to other Ohio cities or Indiana Counties —   Our income tax ordinance was set up in 1986 —  we are needing additional income for future developments –  this would be effective January 2021 and begin collection in 2022.

Side note – other small villages in the area – Ohio City and Willshire no credits allowed.

The Water Tower Project – need $200,000 = Village share plus $600,000 grant (if we qualify)  plus loan – total estimated cost $1,100,000. 

Design, Bidding and construction Year 2023

The Water Tower land purchase if tower goes to the north of the Village.

Subdivision Phase II –  infrastructure –  Cost approx. $300-400,000 – this gets paid back with the sale of lots but need to have lots ready to sell.

Could be soon — getting many inquiries.

Industrial Park — costs unkown at this time.  We are having a meeting with potential partners for development soon.

Franklin Street – need $100,000 of village funds to making improvements curb / sidewalks of existing street along with qualified grants and loans.  Total estimated cost of $1,500,000.   Project construction 2025.

Franklin Street Extension to Buckeye — will cost more if extended.

South Street would be the next street improvement – no estimates yet.

Retention Pond at Shanes Park – no estimates yet.

Again – we have not made any rate changes to the income tax since 1986.   It’s difficult moving into the future without the funds for development and growth.  

Service Committee:   Greg Pontsler  –

Park board meeting last week — Christmas decorating.   Joyce to do the Shane Hall area.  Monty decided not to decorate the rest of the park.  He will continue the Best Decorated House tradition for the 3rd Annual.   Some discussion on maybe having other organizations decorate the park.  Perhaps the Main Street planning committee will be having a Christmas event and program and Santa can be relocated to the Main Street area along with other activities.   Some thing for the Main Street committee to consider.  Table the Christmas talk until we get the Fall Fest up and going !

Safety Committee:     Chris Heitkamp –  (Mr. President)

Chief May – MARCS radios – cost $300 per year to have on standby – $100 each for 3 radios.   Would like consideration to be included in the 2021 budget.

Stop sign at Belna Office —

Fire Department – Flushing hydrants on October 11th beginning 12:30 – will take most of the day.   Plan according !

Turning valves —  Village does so many each year.

Economic Development Committee:  Brad Now –

Shanes Crossing Subdivision – Lots for sale – 20% discount/ build through – December 2021.   

Tammy Cheek was guest speaker on the Mayors Corner show Monday night.  Very interesting.   In 2012 – had many homes for sale in the Village now we have several and they are not staying on the market long.  This is good for the subdivision — this is a good time to sell home and build new.  Subdivision – discounts, tax abatements and low interest rates – now is the time !

Public Utilities Committee:   Luke Stephenson – 

Rules Committee:    Jessica Yoder

Old Business:

New Business:           

Veterans Banners have been put up.   Thank you to Joe — good job !

They look very nice !

Motion Yoder to enter into Executive Session at 8:05 pm regarding the sale of property and working through the Mercer County Community Improvement Corporation.  Second Now.  Young called for the question.   Yoder = y, Now = y, Young = y Stephenson = y, Pontsler = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Motion Now to come out of Executive session at 8:31.  Second Yoder.  Stephenson called for the question.  Now = y, Yoder = y, Stephenson = y, Young = y, Pontsler = y, Heitkamp = y.  Passed 6 yes.

Action taken – none

Meeting adjourned at 8:32  pm

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Mayor                                                              Fiscal officer.