Public Meeting Minutes: February 9, 2016

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Public Meeting Minutes: February 9, 2016

                        RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS:


Special meeting of the Village Council called to order by Mayor Amy Joseph on

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 6 pm at the Rockford Village Hall.


Those present: Gehle, Rutledge,  Pontlser, Dooley,

Fox and Heitkamp absent


Also attending: Jeff Long and Claire Geisige of the Daily Standard


The necessity of the meeting was to discuss Columbia Street with a possible access road to the sub division. In order to move forward on both projects several decisions needed to be made.


This was made a public meeting so that those living on Columbia Street could voice ideas and opinions. Not one person other than council and the press attended.


There was discussion regarding the idea to extend Columbia Street on through to the sub division. Several problems came up with the idea –

  1. The cost would be an additional $36,000
  2. The street would go very near several properties – both owners expressed a definite NO to the idea.
  3. This would also cause more traffic on Columbia Street that is in a residential area.
  4. There is also an agreement whether verbal or written that the easement in that area would never be allowed to be improved to street status.


Council reviewed the plans and decided that there is a need to look at the sub division plans in a flip – or change of layout.


The council feels the need for traffic to be going in and out of the sub division via Market Street makes the most sense traffic wise and financially.


The council will review the updated sub division plans at the next council meeting.


The council has already approved research in funding to get the sub division started.


After reviewing the updated plans – the need to choose a plan and get moving is the plan of action.




With regards to Columbia street – the reports put out by traffic experts suggest that a smaller street will causes less accidents. The smaller sidewalks will save the property owners about 20% of assessed sidewalk costs and the Village 15% of roadway cost while maintaining the needs of a residential street.    This would make Columbia Street 28’ wide and sidewalks 4’ wide.


There is also some property the Village would like to approach Dublin Township with a swapping of property lines. This would increase the cemetery area for the township and allow the village access to Holly Lane.  Council has asked Jeff to get on the township agenda and propose an agreement.


We may need to have a work study meeting on a Saturday morning to review some of the plans on site.




Meeting adjourned 6:56 pm



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Mayor                                                              Fiscal Officer